Reklamaffisch för nya numret av Dandakaranya

affisch stadsperspektivet
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200 flygblad delades utanför teatern i Varberg före Leninprisutdelningen

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Delades ut idag i Varberg vid Leninprisutdelningen

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Urgent Alert – Firing in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh

Police firing in Kanhar anti dam proterstors early morning today
               against illegal land acquisition by UP Govt
              Firing done on the day of Ambedkar Jyanti 
Police firing on anti land acquisition protesters at Kanhar dam early morning today. One tribal leader Akku kharwar from Sundari village,  Around 8 people have been grivieously injured in the firing and lathi charge by the police. Thousands of men and women are assembled at the site to intensify the protest against on Ambedkar jyanti. The protesters were carrying the photo of Baba Saheb to mark the day as ” Save the Constitution Day”. Akhilesh Govt fired arbitrarily on the protesters among whom women are in the forefront. Most of the women have injured. The firing is being done by the Inspector of Amwar police station Duddhi Tehsil, Sonbhdara, UP.
Condemn this criminal Act and join in the struggle of the people who are fighting against the illegal land acquistion and constructing illegal Dam on kanhar river. 
Dy Gen Sec
All India Union of Forest Working People 

Ms. Roma ( Adv)
Dy. Gen Sec, All India Union of Forest Working People(AIUFWP) /

Secretary, New Trade Union Initiative (NTUI)
Coordinator, Human Rights Law Center
c/o Sh. Vinod Kesari, Near Sarita Printing Press,
Tagore Nagar
District Sonbhadra 231216
Uttar Pradesh
Tel : 91-9415233583,
Email :
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Grymheten och Marx

Om grymhet och nedrighet mot människor som officiellt inte längre finns. Ett förtryck som tyvärr lever i Indien. Han frågar om Ambedkars 200-årsdag och vill sluta fira den.

Ambedkar And The Annihilation Of Caste
By Sukumaran C. V.
The cruelty and meanness towards the humans by the humans was abolished, but in India the oppression and discrimination in the name of caste still continue and when will we the Indians be free from the oppressive and denigrating caste system which applies cow-dung water to ‘purify’ the official seat of an educated human being on account of his ‘lower’ caste origin? Will Ambedkar’s 200th birth anniversary see an India in which caste is annihilated totally?

Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava skriver om viktiga anmärkningar som Karl Marx gjorde om Indien fast han aldrig generellt skrev mycket om landet.

Karl Marx And Exploitation Of India By Great Britain: First Hand Analysis
By Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava
Though Karl Marx had not written extensively on India and Asia but he still made some valuable insights to the detoriation and exploitation of India by the imperial power Great Britain


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Polisvåld varje dag och överallt. Den indiska staten är nästan lika våldsbenägen som USA. Snart byter de väl ut sina lathis mot maskingevär. / Einar

Brutal Lathi Charge On Workers Outside Delhi Secretariat
By Abhinav Sinha
Complete account of the brutal lathi charge on workers outside Delhi
Secretariat on the orders of Kejriwal Government on March 25, 2015

“Bapu Surat Singh: Punjab’s Irom Sharmila”
Human Rights Violations by the Punjab Government and Punjab Police
regarding the Surat Singh Khalsa fast unto death

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Allt fler börjar fatta vilken skurk Modi är

BJP Routed In Delhi; End of “Modi Wave”?
By Countercurrents

It seems that BJP president Amit Shah’s tactics of dividing and
polarising socieity to win elections didn’t pay off rich dividents in
Delhi. Modi’s charisma that won BJP so many elections in the past failed
to impress the Delhi voters. Does it mean that the “Modi Wave” has
finally subsided?

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Solidarisk kamp mot land grabbing

De fattigaste i samhället kämpar solidariskt mot landgrabbing i Uttar Pradesh. De kräver ett moratorium. / Einar

Lucknow Declaration
By Annual Convention of Uttar Pradesh Land Alliance

Landless agricultural labourers, Khet Mazdoors, Dalits, Adivasis, most
backward communities, Pasmanda Muslims, women, activists working on land
and livelihood issues from different parts of Uttar Pradesh gathered
here on February 13, 2015 for 11th Annual Convention of Uttar Pradesh
Land Alliance (UPLA) in Lucknow and resolved to continue to work for the
rights of the most marginalized communities in different parts of the
state and request the government to put a moratorium on further land
acquisition of poor marginalized communities who need state protection
from growing alienation from their livelihood and natural resources

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Den indiska tidningen som brukar publicera Jan Myrdal hotad

‘Frontier Magazine’ Faces Threat: Defend ‘Frontier’
By Farooque Chowdhury

Frontier, probably, the thinnest and the most-plain appearing English
weekly from Kolkata, a city with protest and politics, resistance and
revolution faces an imminent threat of eviction …

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