300 miljoner flyttar på grund av vattenbrist


Inget vatten för 300 milljoner människor i Indien. Och värre blir det. / Einar

What A Water Situation!
By S.G.Vombatkere
This year has seen the globally hottest-ever April, and indications point to the worst-ever summer. The media is reporting rock bottom reservoir water levels at the start of summer, and dire predictions of worse days to come for farmers and rural people, and also urban dwellers. Due to this worst drought in living memory that has hit most of India, around 300 million people, as estimated by one source, are migrating. One can only wonder why this on-going tragedy does not make it to the front pages of newspapers.

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Om hindufascismen


Att det finns en stark hindufascistisk rörelse är inte särskilt känt i Sverige. På bilden syns RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Nationella Patriotiska Organisationen).

Social Status Of Minorities And The Hindu Nation
By Nagesh Chaudhary


The RSS thoughts and actions are for maintaining the supremacy of one caste not only over Indian people but over even the people from foreign countries. Their arrogant claim of becoming ‘Guru’ of the world speaks of their mindset

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Indiens fördömda reser sig

2016-05-09 07_12_33-Untitled-2.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Ny affisch är upptryckt och utskickad. Maila oss om du vill ha affischer.

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A Victory Of Struggle By The Urban Poor!


Ibland händer det – men istället för at förstöra skulle folk kunna  bo där eller hur? /Einar

High Court Order On Adarsh: A Victory Of Struggle By The Urban Poor!
By Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan | National Alliance of People’s Movements


National Alliance of People’s Movements welcomes the Bombay High Court’s order to demolish the building of Adarsh Society in Mumbai. The illegal construction and flats allotted to the corrupt officials in the Indian Navy and politicians through their relatives is a symbol of vulgar corruption in the housing sector that has eroded the administration in the government of Maharashtra and elsewhere. The order is a vindication of our position against scandalous housing policies and projects whether it is Adarsh or Hiranandani and the victory of people’s struggle over last ten years and more

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Har folket vunnit? Kommer sydkoreanska stålföretaget Posco dra sig tillbaka?


POSCO måste tvingas på knä. Folkets krav ska uppfyllas. / Einar

POSCO Must Publicly Announce The Withdrawal, Return The Occupied Land, Restore The Ecosystem  And Withdraw False Cases
By POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti


Many people think that the recent National Green Tribunal order means that POSCO has withdrawn and it is time for celebration. We would like to clarify here that though the recent hearing in NGT has enlightened us about POSCO’s confusing mindset but we are disturbed to know about its unwillingness to publicly declare its intention about the project and its future.

Therefore, we demand the following:
1. POSCO be forced to make formal announcement to completely withdraw from the project from Odisha immediately.
2. The government should hand over the all land occupied for POSCO to the villagers immediately and recognise their land as per the FRA 2006.
3.The government should stop all types of repression to our people and withdraw all false and fabricated criminal charges against our villagers immediately.
4 The government need to replant the trees in our sensitive coastal areas where more than two lakh trees were indiscriminately cut down by the Government for POSCO.
5. Proper and adequate Compensation should be paid by the government to the widows and children and the injured family members attacked by POSCO goons in the year 2008 and 2013

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Washingtons puppet


Det var länge sen man såg Modi – han försvann i Obamas ficka.  / Einar

India-US Military Cooperation “Robust And Deepening”
By K. Ratnayake


US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and his Indian counterpart, Manohar Parrikar, announced Tuesday that Washington and New Delhi have “agreed in principle” on a “logistics exchange agreement” under which the US military will be able to routinely use Indian bases and ports for resupply, repair, and rest

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Nej till bombning av ursprungsbefolkningen i Indien


“Nej till bombning av ursprungsbefolkningen i Indien”. Kampanjbilen på väg genom stan. När vi ropade i megafonen för full hals så fick luttrade stockholmare svårt att inte titta på oss.
Se film här: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex0ACp5xEKs



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Naxalituttalande: Fight against the aerial attacks on Bastar!

Press Release, April 02, 2016: CPI(maoist), Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committe

Make success the Dandakaranya bandh on the 15th April, 2016.

For the past six months MI-17 war helicopters have been practicing firing and bombing. drills in Sukuma, Dantewada and Bijapur of South Bastar in Chathisgarh. On the 1st of April top officials of the police and airforce announced in a press meet that in the situation where Maoists fire on the security forces, garuda commandos would return fire.

This means nothing but in any case there would be aerial firing and bombing. In fact the government armed forces are firing daily in the struggle areas. In the name of Maha Abhiyan there are fake encounters and encounters each and everyday. Indiscriminate arrests are going on. Last October the police lied that helicopters would be used only for relief operations and that they would take up aerial firing only when the helicopters are targeted by the Maoists and only as self defence. There is not a single incident of firing on helicopters in the last six months. Inspite of this the government is upto aerial firing and bombing as a part of the fascist military repressive campaign greenhunt. Talking aboutself defence is only to mystify the people of the country. The fact is that the airforce is givenabsolute authority to make aerial attacks. It means, the struggle of the people against their displacement by the proposed mega mining, mega dams, mega factories and the Maoist party,PLGA, mass organisations and the revolutionary masses leading the struggle be speedily crushed and the jal, jungle and zameen and resources be handed over to the domestic and foreign corporate companies for loot. Apart from the existing tens of thousands of police and para military forces, the decision for aerial attacks is for this purpose. The secret project hidden behind the permission of the Central Government for the construction of aerodrome in the Indravathi Tiger Reserve is that to transform this National Park into an air base. The struggle of the Dandakaranya people is not only for their sake. This is the struggle of the oppressed masses of the country. This is the struggle to protect the resources for the future generations. It is to protect the environment. It is to protect the rivers, streams, forest and land. The unjust war of the central and the state governments-Operation green hunt is only and only for the profits of the corporate companies.

This is time to raise for the oppressed masses, revolutionary parties, democratic, progressive sections, trade unions, human rights organisations, writers, artists, historians, film makers, lawyers, students, print and electronic media personnel, tribal and non-tribal social organisations. Our party appeals to all to raise voice against the aerial attacks and bombing. We appeal to take up a campaign to not let the air force meant for countering the foreign attacks and occuptional wars to take up operations inside and on the people of, the country. Fail the conspiracies of the governments that would destroy the identity of the ancient tribals of the country. Our party appeals to the people of Chathisgarh and Maharashtra to make success the Dandakaranya (Chathisgarh and Maharashtra) bandh on 15th April in protest to the proposed aerial firing and bombing. Special note- Education and health services would be exempted from the bandh.

Vikalp, spokesperson

Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee

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Saibaba slätt mot borgen


Saibaba som i Indien har blivit rikskänd som en försvarare av adivasis och daliters rättigheter har nu släppts mot borgen. Kanon säger vi! Saibaba är rullstolsburen och har allvarliga hälsoproblem. Fängelsevistelsen har allvarligt hotat hans liv.

Dr. G.N Saibaba Granted Bail By Supreme Court of India
By Committee For The Defence And Release Of Dr. G.N Saibaba


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Bomba inte i Chattisgarh!

160217 isol bomba inte

Den indiska regeringen har beslutat att börja med luftangrepp mot befolkningen i Chattisgarh. Hjälp till att sätta upp affischer för att uppmärksamma frågan.

Här är affischen:

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