Boksläpp: Mission Saranda – A War for Natural Resources in India


Någon som minns Gladson Dungdung som vi har skrivit om tidigare? Nu har han skrivit en bok som uppenbarligen har uppmärksammats mycket i Indien (Felix Padel -!!! – presenterar boken!). Kanske kunde man skulle skaffa den och göra några seminarier eller dylikt.  / Einar

Book Launch of  Mission Saranda
A War for Natural Resources in India
By Gladson Dungdung

2.30-5pm at Committee Romm (212), School of Languages, JNU

Joining the author are:
Chair: Prof. Felix Padel (NEISP, JNU)
Speakers: Dr. Nandini Sunder (Delhi School of Economics),
Dr. Ganga Sahay Meena (Asst Professor, JNU)
Mr. Suhas Chakma (Director, ACHR)
Dilip Mandal (Senior Journalist)

All are welcome to celebrate the release of this ground-breaking work ​​Shree Bulu Imam writes – Anybody reading this book will be deeply pained by the mis-representation of facts claimed about development in forest areas like Saranda, and the scale of pain inflicted on the tribals living in these forests in the name of development. Everybody interested in development in Adivasi forest areas must read this book with its authoritative command of facts and edited with great eye to detail.The book is an indictment of the welfare state.It will become a classic document of Saranda after Jharkhand was formed in 2000, and more particularly since 2009 till date.The author is to be thanked and congratulated on brilliant presentation of argument through documentation evidence. I see in him a
glint of the brilliance of Ambedkar.

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Barn och kvinnor i det jävliga Indien

Barn och kvinnor har det lika jävligt i Indien. Men det pratas mycket om annat! / Einar

A Juvenile Response By Elected Representatives
By Emarine Kharbhih

There is little substance to the Juvenile Justice (Amendment) Bill, 2014. With little sense of direction, the Bill seems to have been made under political pressure and public outcry in order to calm the outrage and maintain the ideological balance of power in politics. The functions of the Juvenile Justice Board and the Child Welfare Committee is evidently low on performance, with 175 million children in India still marginalised, 144 million deemed to be destitute, 25 million orphaned, and 40,000 juveniles in conflict with law, living in institutes. The government needs to reflect on its own shadow and understand that the Bill should be more proactive rather just being a well-articulated piece of legislation

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Folket avvisar markrofferilagen

Markrofferilagen är inte populär. / Einar

Unanimous Rejection Of Land Acquisition Bill 2015,
Joint Forum To Intensify Opposition
By Bhumi Adhikar Andolan

Representatives of people’s movements, peasant unions and farmers’ organisations from across country reject the bill as anti-farmer and undemocratic at public hearing. Strong message to JPC to oppose anti-constitutional Land Bill

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Fastkedjat i ett halv-feodalt kastsystem

Läs bara första avsnittet – det säger allt.  Med deras halv-feodala kast-system kommer de ingenstans. Bara fortsatt elände. / Einar

India Should Pay Attention To What Narayana Murthy Says
By Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava

Infosys founder N.R. Narayana Murthy has said that there is no significant innovation in last sixty years in country and no Prime Minister except Pt. Nehru has concentrated much on the science. He said “Is there one invention from India that has become a household name in the globe? Is there one idea that has led to an earth-shaking invention to delight global citizens? Folks, the reality is there is no such contribution from India in the last 60 years.” There has been some criticism of his statements in some quarters which is unwarranted. He is absolutely correct at his point. He has in fact brought in the open space the real status of the Indian scientific and research community

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Folket lever ännu sämre än vad som hittills har framkommit

Intressant om fifflandet med statistik. Folket lever ännu sämre än vad som hittills har framkommit. / Einar

Wrong Development Priority In Spite Of Socio-Economic Census And National Sample Survey Findings
By Dr Rahul Pandey

Partial results of two important official surveys were released recently. They point to dismal living standards of India’s rural population and rising cost of health and education beyond the means of ordinary citizens. In spite of this reality the Modi government is undermining the public health and public education sectors among other social infrastructures, as reflected in its funding priorities. This does not bode well for future living standards of India’s ordinary citizens who are already struggling with meeting basic needs

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Saibaba utsläppt mot borgen i tre månader!


Engelskläraren som har blivit en symbol för motståndet mot den indiska regeringens storbolagsvänliga och repressiva politik släpptes nyligen ur fängelset.

Indiens högsta domstol beslutade att Saibaba skall ha rätt att besöka ett sjukhus för att undergå behandling för sin deformerade ryggrad m.m. Saibaba är rullstolsburen sedan födseln och har flera allvarliga åkommor. Ena armen har helt lagt av under tiden i sjukhuset och revbenen pressas in i lungorna, Hans läge är fortfarande allvarligt och domstolen bara har släppt honom mot borgen i tre månader. Domstolsbeslutet innehåller restriktioner som bl.a. innebär att han inte får kommunicera via internet under tiden i frihet.

Fortsätter göra motstånd
I fängelset har han fortsatt att göra motstånd och har bekämpat tortyren av medfångar och han har studerat marxistiska böcker och översatt anti-imperialistisk litteratur till lokala indiska språk.

Läs en intervju med honom efter frisläppandet:


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Naxaliterna: The closure of three thousand schools and ashrams by the CG government is a symbol of the economic and academic bankruptcy and its anti people character

19 June , 2015.  The Chathisgarh government started the present academic year of 2015-16 with the closure of three thousand schools and ashrams (residential schools).

It closed all these ashrams in the name of lack of admission. The teachers in these schools were transferred to the nearby schools. Most of these are primary and middle schools and happen to be in the adivasi area, especially in Bastar division. This not only reveals the anti people and anti adivasi character and history of the BJP government but also exposes its economic and academic bankruptcy.

Of late, due to the shameful conditions of the imperialist financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the government adopted anti people policy and brought down people’s welfare schemes. Education is being more and more privatized. This is a step towards the conspiracy to deprive the poor adivasis, dalits and backward sections of education and development.
In the name of bringing down the expenditure on establishment, the appointment of teachers and the third and fourth class government employees were withheld long back. In the name of appointment of siksha karmi, contract teachers, daily wage, and casual employees and on contract, temporary appointments are being made with low wages. Now thousands of ashrams in the state were closed. The adivasi area that has been facing the problems of lack of schools, teachers, and illiteracy has now been much deprived of children’s education. The appointment in the vacancies of tens of thousands of teachers was permanently brought to a stop. The unemployed in the backward adivasi areas have been deprived of employment. Due to the financial bankruptcy of the CG government it implemented cuts in providing infrastructure like library, laboratory, uniforms, note books, and text books, mid day meals, recruitment of new teachers, their wages and other facilities.

The actual meaning of the constant fake propaganda in the TV and Radio ‘bachho, padho-likho, aage bado’ (children, read-write, go forward) and that Maoists are against tribals’ education has been nakedly revealed to the people. For children, especially girls who cannot afford to go to school even in their own villages; it would be almost difficult to go to schools far away. The inevitable situation in which the girls and boys of the family are forced to do domestic work, labor, and farming is itself a curse. This is depriving them of education. Instead of bettering the situation of such kind of families and educating the children, the government is closing the ashrams in the name of lack of admission. This is nothing but worse conspiratorial and negligent attitude of the government towards the education of the oppressed sections. This would affect women’s literacy and the literacy of adivasi women would fall under the dark. Narendra Modi’s reiterating slogan, ‘beti bachao, beti padhao’ (meaning ‘protect girls, educate girls’) is clearly revealed to the people. These kinds of slogans are given only to mislead and mystify the people. On one hand thousands of ashrams are being closed and on the other the Minister of education of Chathisgarh, Kedar Kashyap announces that in the present academic year six and a half lakhs of children would join the ashrams. This is not only ridiculous but also misgiving. Backward classes, dalits and adivsis, especially the women in these sections are deprived of education which proves the anti adivasi, anti education and anti development.

The Raman singh government that is depriving the backward sections, Dalits, adivasis of education is in fact anti development. The real meaning of Raman singh’s development is that of the domestic and foreign corporate giants and is giving away the jal jungle and zameen of the people to them. The meaning of development is the absolute deprivation of the poor, backward, dalits and adivasis of basic amenities like food, shelter, clothing, education, health, drinking water etc. Raman Singh is afraid that if the adivasis are educated, they would become elite and would raise their voice much more strongly against their exploitation and repression and that they would intensify armed struggle for their genuine development and self rule.

Many of the schools in Bastar Division even now happen to be the shelters of the police and para military forces. In spite of the direction of the Supreme Court of the country this situation exists as and how the forces wish. On the other side the schools that are being run by the Revolutionary Janathana Sarkar(RPC) that has been formed under the leadership of our Party are being targeted by the armed forces of the government. The dozens of schools of the janathana sarkar (people’s government) that are being run in Narayanapur, Kanker, Bastar, Bijapur, Dantewada and Sukma districts were attacked and the notebooks, textbooks, clothes and other such essential articles have been burnt. This clearly reveals the fakeness of the Raman singh government regarding the education of the adivasis.

Our party calls upon all the students, teachers, parents and guardians, progressive and democratic intellectuals, human rights organisations, adivasi and non adivasi social organisations to strongly protest the anti education policy of the Chathisgarh government and to take up programs to demand the withdrawal of the decision of closing the ashrams. We call upon the people and teachers of the affected villages to come forward and demand the retaining of the ashrams in their original places.

(Gudsa Usendi)
Spokesperson, Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee,
CPI (Maoist).

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Kampen bland adivasikvinnorna växer

Dalit-Adivasi Women Rise Up: A Swabhiman Yatra Across Odisha
Press Release

Dalit Adivasi Mahila Swabhiman Yatra travelled more than 3000 kms across 11 districts of Odisha, conducted more than 45 village/street meetings, several public rallies in towns and submitted memorandum at District Collectorate of all districts. The Yatra team comprising of Dalit leaders from Haryana, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, volunteers, leaders and cultural activists from Odisha and several Dalit Adivasi community women leaders who travelled from village to village, town to town, district to district are now witness to brutal and heinous crimes against Dalits & Adivasi’s and Dalit women in particular

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Det militärindustriella komplexet växer och folket svälter

Det är den sanna “demokratiska” politiken. Det var inte för inte som USA valde Modi.

Rising Corporate Military Complex In India: A Critical Appraisal
By Rahul Varman

The enormous expenditure in the name of nation’s security has remained opaque and mostly outside public scrutiny. Most of the data and information employed here are drawn from the print and web media, Government documents available in the public domain, and reports by consulting firms and policy institutions. One could find almost no research studies based on primary data – pointing to the abysmal failure of research institutions to study such a vital aspect of the Indian economy and polity

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Modi är en katastrof

Här kommer en uppräkning av det Modi har åstadkommit. Liknar hans program inte det som Obama företräder?

365 Days: Democracy & Secularism Under The Modi Regime
Press Release

Damage to India’s ethos may be irreversible, Civil Society report of One Year of Narendra Modi government. Violence, and Sangh Parivar threats, against religious minorities mounts; Government targets Education, Social sector, Dissent, Media, Science & Culture

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