Den indiska staten utvidgar kriget till Western Ghats


Operation Green Hunt (a.k.a. “War on People”) blir utvidgad  till Western Ghats som är befolkat av många olika adivasifolk och där finns otroligt många arter av djur och växter. Därför har Western Ghats blivit ett världskulturarv. Men det skiter väl Modi och hans gangstersponsorer i. Adivasis skall bort och om de gör motstånd då blir de terrorister som helt enkelt kan likvideras.

As Operation Green Hunt Extends To Engulf  The Western Ghats, What Do We Stand To Lose?
By JNU Forum Against War on People

As the eyes of the corporates and the Indian state have fixed themselves on this region, preparations have also began to dispossess those adivasis who seem to come in the way way of ‘development’. While such measures would inevitably and justifiably be resisted by those adivasi people fighting in defense of their life, livelihood & dignity, the state is extending its war on people into these regions…

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‘Seven hundred of us couldn’t stop hundred Maoists, appaled’


Bilden föreställer soldater ur  Central Reserve Police Force som beskrivs i artikeln och som vanligen används i inbördeskriget.

Denna nyhet är intressant därför att den ger en delvis annan bild av läget än den som vanligen förekommer. Naxalitområdena är under en ekonomisk och militär blockad och de har mycket stora svårigheter och många ledare har dödats. Mycket stora svårigheter verkar dock också den andra sidan i konflikten ha. Det är tydligen inte lätt att bekämpa folk i deras hemområde.

‘Seven hundred of us couldn’t stop hundred Maoists, appaled’
Jugal R Purohit  Bastar, December 7, 2014 | UPDATED 09:09 IST
A file photo of CRPF jawans.With a hint of anger in his blood-shot eyes, he revealed, “We were close to seven hundred. They were barely over a hundred. Yet we could neither save our colleagues or their weapons nor could we eliminate the rebels”. Rajat and three of his colleagues (names changed on request) were a part ‘Operation SS 14 (South Sukma)’ from the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) who faced off with the Maoists on Monday and lost fourteen of their men including two officers. They are presently awaiting their return to their original location.
While Rajat Kumar is a young ‘sipahi’, joined hardly two years ago, his colleagues are not. “Nothing is going to change. I am looking at completing twenty years of service and exiting with pension,” said Mahesh Raj, a constable. For the force that the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) wants to become the arrow head of India’s anti-Maoist effort, it is a difficult time. Those outside see it as fighting a difficult battle. Those inside have little hope of things improving.
By November 10, officers in various battalions were informed of a major, ‘four phase’ operation to be conducted later in the month. By November 15, personnel were sought from an array of battalions which included 74th, 150th, 201st & 206th CoBRA, team directly under Deputy Inspector General (DIG) CoBRA, team directly under Inspector General (IG) CRPF and 223th battalion. Before November 15, over 600 personnel had gathered at camps like Pollampalli, Kankerlanka and Puswada among others in Sukma.
“Our operations would take two nights and three days. We had nil intelligence. We would search, wander from one location to the other, expose ourselves to the Maoists and return,” said Rajat. It was reliably learnt that the operation has come under question from several quarters within the CRPF. When asked, the acting Director General RC Tayal had earlier commented, “The traditional area domination operations need to now change. We must hit the Maoists and operations need to be pinpoint, specific and swift.” As these operations progressed, on November 21, in its second phase, seven personnel were injured by the Maoists. Later, the third and fourth phases were merged into one and undertaken from November 29 to December 1.
On November 30, five of those who participated in the operations were detected with malaria and required immediate evacuation. However a Border Security Force (BSF) helicopter flew in on that day but did not land, citing unfit conditions. “We covered a hillock and slept there for the night. Next morning, you can say our operation had turned into one where we were only scurrying to detect a suitable landing spot for the helicopter,” said Pankaj Kumar, another constable.
As luck would have it, coordination with the helicopter fleet for such a massive operation was another debacle.
The IAF team at Jagdalpur readied itself to fly but all day the CRPF could not confirm just where to land till it was in the sunset range! “Helipad locations kept changing throughout. At 1610 hours, the fourth location came. And mind you, all along CRPF never uttered a word that there was an ambush. We got curious. Finally, at 1640hrs they asked us to go to evacuate their injured and we couldn’t because it was too late.The state government, despite repeated reminders has failed to install equipment which can allow us to land at night. Had they done that even at their Chintagufa camp, where the troops returned that night, we would have evacuated the injured,” said a MoD official.
Little of this means anything to these men on ground. “Forget malaria cases, even if the IAF/BSF had flown the next day when we asked them to on the day of the ambush, two of out men would have been alive today,” said Pankaj Kumar.
On ground, before all hell broke loose, all the team commanders were called to meet the IG at the ground zero. It was close to 9:30am. As the encounter began with firing from a ridge on to CRPF position near Kasalpad village, instead of fighting the hundred odd Maoists, different units of the CRPF were moving in different directions. “We still don’t know why many things happened the way they did. We did not act as one,” conceded an officer who was a key element of the entire operation.
Frustration written over his face, Rajat said, “We were looking for the Maoists all these days. We were tired but we wanted to finish them off because they had showed up finally. But when firing began we noticed that not all were fighting.” His colleague, Mahesh, quiet till now said, “In J&K, when militants show up, the entire area is cordoned and militants are not allowed to walk away like it happened here.”
The MHA has announced a slew of committees to investigate the lapses and review the CRPF’s functioning apart from the statutory Court of Inquiry (CoI).
An inspector who was watching the conversation flow said, “I have seen the CRPF for over 25 years. Never before has the force taken so many hits. We are being called upon to do the kind of work that militaries do yet we neither have that kind of training nor powers.”
2000 AK47 rounds
300 rounds INSAS Light Machine Gun
30 Under Barrel Grenade Launchers
10 AK47 rifles
01 Self Loading Rifle
04 Bullet Proof Jackets
01 GPS Set
01 VHF Manpack set
02 Binocular
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Naxaliterna slår ett politiskt slag mot hindu-fascismen


Saturday, December 6, 2014




Exactly 18 years ago, on 6th December 1992, Hindu religious fundamentalist goondas in connivance with the then Congress government at the centre, demolished Babri Masjid at Ayodhya. Firstly, these Hindu fundamentalists made 500 year-old Babri Masjid a controversial site by claiming it as the birth place of Lord Rama, and on that pretext many a time instigated communal disturbances in the country killing thousands of Muslims.

Demolition of Babri Masjid was the biggest attack by Hindu fascists in the history of our country. The likes of LK Advani, Ashok Singhal, Murali Manohar Joshi, Praveen Togadiya, Uma Bharati, Sadhvi Ritambara, who were directly involved in it were not punished by any court even till today. On 30th September, giving its verdict on the ownership rights of the controversial site, pending for 61 years, the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court with its Brahminical Hindu religious ideology did injustice to Muslims.

Without any historical evidence and archeological proof it stated the controversial place to be the birth place of Lord Rama. First occupying Masjid, then demolishing, now by giving verdict to build temple, that too to handover the very forces involved in demolition, clarifies Indian state’s Hindu fascist mindset.

By this verdict, once again it has been proved that the Houses of justice in this country favour only exploitative classes and Brahminical Hindu religious fanatics, but not peasants, workers, dalits [the lowest group in India’s oppressive caste system-ed], women and religious minorities. By court verdicts a solution to this cannot be found, only by smashing the present system and by establishing New Democratic State, a solution to this can be found.

In the recent past, many evidences surfaced proving the involvement of saffron [Hindu fundamentalist-ed] terrorist groups of the Sagh Parivar in bomb blasts at Malegaon, Ajmer Sherief, Hyderabad’s Mecca Masjid, Samjhouta express. The leaders of VHP, RSS, Bajarang Dal and other organizations on the proxy name of ‘Abhinav Bharat’ conspired bomb blasts and killed many innocent people.

It has become a norm for the police and intelligence agencies to blame Muslims as culprits, wherever and whenever bomb blasts take place, even if at Masjids. Arresting hundreds of youth without any reason and severely torturing, killing in fake encounters, implicate false cases, accusing of having links with ISI [Pakistani army’s intelligence branch-ed] and thus playing with lives is part of the Hindu communal and fascist policies of the governments.

By projecting every Muslim as a terrorist through media, governments are trying to suppress them by all means. Those who demand to hang Ajmal Kasab who is involved in Mumbai attacks, at the same time keeping mum or not raising their voice loudly against Hindu fascist killers of Sangh gang is a dangerous sign.

Governments are not arresting these saffron terrorists, even if they arrest a few on some occasions, are setting them free declaring innocent by not conducting thorough probe. On the other hand, those intellectuals, journalists, media organizations, newspapers and activists who dare to raise their voice against these Hindu fundamentalist forces are being attacked by Sangh gang at several places. On the whole, the communal fascistic trends of the Indian state are taking a severe form day by day.

Secular forces of all religions, democrats and progressive thinkers should come forward and fight unitedly against Hindu communal fascism. All of us must condemn the attacks of Hindu fascist forces on Muslims, Christians and all other religious minorities. At the same time all other kinds of religious fundamentalism should be opposed.

The place of Babri Masjid belonged to Muslims; it should be given to Muslims and has been demanding that Babri Masjid should be rebuilt at the same site and those fascist leaders who had demolished it must be punished severely. Observe ‘BLACK DAY’ on December 6, by conducting meetings and processions and wearing black badges in protest of Hindu communal ism.

Abhay spokesman,

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Man får inte kyssas på gatorna i Indien


Här är en artikel som handlar om det märkliga fenomenet med att kyssar är olagliga på gatorna i Indien. “Kiss of Love”-rörelsen har bildats som en reaktion på detta. (Den här texten skall inte förstås som att vi uppmanar till sådant beteende i Sverige).

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Arundhati Roy om gandhimyten

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Kvinnor steriliseras till döds i Indien


En läkare genomförde steriliseringsoperationer på 83 kvinnor under fem timmar i en övergivet sjukhus. Kvinnorna låg på ett på golv när det kirurgiska ingreppet genomfördes och det finns anklagelser som går ut på att medicinerna kom från ett dotterbolag till det parti som styr i delstaten. Av dessa kvinnor är nu 11 är döda och 60 andra behandlas på olika sjukhus.

Läs mer här.

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Indisk solidaritetsrörelse håller igång i London


Celebrate the 99th Martyrdom Day Of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha

Martyred by the British colonialists on 16 November, 1915 at the age of nineteen.

On Sunday, 16th November, 2014 at 3.00pm
Venue: Punjabi Centre
293-297 Ley Street, Ilford, IG1 4BN.

Dalvinder Atwal,  Indian Workers Association (GB)
Iqbal Sumbal, Ghadar Heritage Organisation, Toronto, Canada
Salvinder Dhillon,  Ghadar International

Cultural Program:   Satnam Singh Lally, lead singer  of AZAD and PUNCHAM will present a program of lively patriotic songs and poems will be read by some poets.

Refreshments available.

For further information phone: Dalvinder Atwal: 07904 866582  Salvinder Dhillon  07947 136999.

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FACT FINDING TEAM to inquire into the Sexual Violence against Dalit Women in Bihar (6th – 8th of November)


The recent case of 6 dalit women being raped in Kurmuri village, Tarari block, Bihar on 8th of October by the ex members of Ranbir Sena has again reflected the devastating status of the marginalized communities in India. In a country where the upper caste men practice their power on dalits through sexual violence on women says a lot about its apathetic socio-political state and the entrenched oppressive feudal elements that have refused to go. Dalit rapes in Bihar are not new but the continuation of such rapes and atrocities even after such a wave of civil and human rights movements is alarming and disturbing. Even after this incident more dalit rapes and killings have continued to be reported.

Since many years, Bhojpur has remained a site of violent class struggle between the dalits and the upper castes. In 1990, when the dalits of village Danwar Bihta went to assert their right to vote 22 of them were brutally killed and their houses were burnt. In 1996, in Bathani Tola, 21 dalits were killed by Ranvir Sena in broad daylight to counter their assertion. The current change in the political scenario is bound to reignite or rather reinforce such casteist elements and which seems to have happened in the incident of 8th October.

As a response, the Delhi Solidarity Group is planning to conduct a fact finding on 6th – 8th of November to study the recent incident as well as the political dynamics that is brewing in this region. The court trial has just begun and in this scenario an attempt to write on the issue and to create awareness about it in the public domain with strong facts is one of the main tasks for civil society groups. The motive is to come up with a detailed analysis of this caste conflict and the kind of violence that is being perpetrated on the people belonging to the lower castes. 

The team constituted for the Fact Finding is:

  • Chandra Bhushan – Senior Assistant Editor with Navbharat Times
  • Mohammad Kaifullah – Researcher in Jamia Millia Islamia University
  • Dr. Vinod Kumar – Associate Professor, National Law University
  • Rupesh kumar – HRLN, Delhi
  • Advocate Savita Ali – HRLN, Patna
  • Kamayani – National Convener, NAPM and Jan Jagaran Shakti Sangathan

Background of the incident:

On 8th October 2014, 2 women and 4 teenage girls, all rag pickers from Dumaria village, had gone to Neelnidhi, a scrap dealer, to sell the things they had collected throughout the day. Neelnidhi allegedly made them wait, saying he did not have enough cash to pay their dues. He also promised to pay them auto fare to return home if it became dark. When it was time to shut the shop, the accused locked up the six women in Neelnidhi’s godown at gunpoint. They made the women consume liquor and took turns to outrage their modesty, police said quoting the FIR. Before committing the crime, they tied two 6-year-old boys, who had accompanied the women to Kurmuri, with ropes. The trio reportedly thrashed the boys when they cried on seeing the plight of their womenfolk. They later allowed the women and the boys to go home, threatening them with dire consequences if they told anyone about the incident. The shop owner, Nilneedhi Singh, who is said to be the area commander of the banned caste militia Ranvir Sena, allegedly detained the women till night and raped them along with two of his associates, Jai Prakash Singh and Jaggu Pandit. The medical examination of the women who were allegedly raped has confirmed that they were sexually assaulted.

after the rape incident, there was a huge uproar in the nearby villages where the CPI(ML) led a rally asking for suspension of SP and strict punishment to the accused. But the feudal casteist forces responded even more strongly, when the activists and supporters of the Akhil Bharatiya Rashtrawadi Kisan Sanghathan (ABRKS) blocked roads at two places to protest against what they called the politically motivated action against the three and demanded an impartial probe. The ABRKS is headed by Indu Bhushan who is the son of Ranbir Sena head Brahmeshwar Singh.

-In Solidarity,  Shefali

Delhi Forum

F 10/12 (Basement), Malviya Nagar,New Delhi-110017. Phone: 011 – 26680883 (O), 9582671784 (M)

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Protester mot gripande av ytterliggare en naxalitanklagad professor

au prof arrest dc_0

Students stage protest against Proffessor J. Appa Rao arrest

The arrest of J. Appa Rao, an Associate Professor of Telugu of Andhra University, on charges of supplying explosives to the Maoists on Thursday has shocked the university community, his friends and relatives. His wife Mynavathi along with her children, six-year-old Sai and four-year-old Charama, brother and sister and a large number of AU students started a dharna opposite the office of Superintendent of Police here after the police failed to make her meet her husband as promised.

His students and colleagues were upset over the way the arrest was made. Ms. Mynavathi, recounting the incident, said that around 1 a.m. she and her husband came out of their room in the AU quarters hearing some commotion. They found about 10 outsiders in the house and did not know if they broke open the door or forced their way in. Prof. Appa Rao, who was wearing a lungi and T shirt was immediately grabbed by them and put in a vehicle. Ms. Mynavathi demanded them who they were and why they were taking her husband away. “We are from ‘department’ they said and latter added police department. I wanted to know if they have a warrant and asked them to show their ID. They said they would take away my husband and let him off after asking a few questions. I wanted to go with him and climbed into the vehicle but was I was forced to get down,” she recounted.

Before taking Prof. Appa Rao, the police took away mobile phones of all those present in the house, including three students who are being taken care by him, his brother and nephew. Ms. Mynavathi’s mother was also present at that time. As the strangers refused to establish their identity, Ms. Mynavathi called her relatives and friends and later lodged a complaint with III Town Police Station. With the “abduction” of AU professor coming out as flash news on news channels Superintendent of Police Koya Praveen announced that Prof. Appa Rao was arrested on the charge of supplying explosives to the Maoists.

06_thsriprof_wife_2189406g“I came here (to the SP’s office) when told that they would make me meet my husband but Additional SP N.J. Rajkumar told me to give a representation,” Ms. Mynavathi said. While she was inside the SP office, students of AU boycotted classes and reached the SP’s office and started a demonstration on the road opposite to it, seeking release of their professor. Ms. Mynavathi joined them and continued to sit there with her children, brother and sister, accompanied by the students, many of them girls. Jagat Roy, Subhan, Shyam, Nagaraju and other student leaders extended support and wanted their professor released immediately.

She is hoping to see her husband who is expected to be produced at a press conference late in the afternoon.

Several students, research scholars and professors of AU along with social workers like D. Lalitha, were shocked at the arrest of Prof. Appa Rao on the charge of having links with Maoists while his real concern is about Girijan students. If the police needed to arrest him, they should have informed the Andhra University authorities, instead of barging into his house at midnight and taking him away, they said. “Prof. Appa Rao must be released unconditionally. He should not be harassed in future,” they demanded.

As far as their knowledge goes, Prof. Appa Rao has no connection with the Maoists. His only concern being welfare of Girijan students, he would have at least three or four students at his house as his guests and take care of their every need. Thanks to his motivation and guidance, at least 50 students could qualify for the Junior Research Fellowship after appearing for NET, recalled professors M. Prasada Rao, Venu Devara, HoD of Telugu Jayaram, senior professor G. Yohan Babu. Like any other tribal, he was also opposing bauxite mining proposal in the Agency area, they said.

The professors met Mr. Rajkumar and were told that their concern would be conveyed to the superior officers. He said the good name Prof. Appa Rao is enjoying among the university community was also noted.

Prof. Appa Rao is a native of Korrapalli village in G. Madugula mandal. He did his MA and Ph.D. in Central University, Hyderabad and M.Phil. in AU. He worked at the Government Degree College, Chintapalli before joining AU’s Telugu Department in 2006.

A dump of explosives was reportedly unearthed in Visakha Agency some time ago and the people caught with it had reportedly said Prof. Appa Rao sent them the gelatin sticks.

OPDR general secretary Ch Bhaskara Rao condemned the midnight arrest of Prof Appa Rao by the police and demanded his immediate unconditional release.

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Indisk polis plundrar tidningen “Forward Press” kontor och arresterar anställda


DEHLI. Den 9 oktober attackerade och vandaliserade dehlipolisen tidningen “Forward Press” kontor. Forward Press är en tvåspråkig tidning (hindi-engelska) som görs av daliter och bahujans. Polisen beslagtog kopior av deras specialnummer för oktober om “Bahujan Sraman”-traditionen och arresterade fyra anställda. Tidningen anses ha skrivit nedsättande om gudinnan Durga. och attacken har förmodligen drivits fram av hindufascistiska krafter.

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