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Indiska bönder ställer upp i kampanj mot Israels ockupation

The Indian people gives an example – millions decide to join the BDS. / Einar 16 Million-Strong Organization In India Joins The BDS Movement Earlier this month, the largest national organization representing farmers and agricultural workers in India, All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS), has announced that it has joined the BDS movement. AIKS is […]

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Saibaba: Sitter i isoleringscell, är sjuk och bävar inför vintern

Letter From GN Saibaba ——————————- Dear vasantha I am frightened to think of coming winter. Already I am shivering with continuous fever. I do not have a blanket. I do not have a sweater/jacket. As temperature goes down excruciating pain continuously in my legs and left hand increases. It is impossible for me to survive […]

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Barnen dör på sjukhusen

Detta är ju fruktansvärda siffror. Inte en enda stat i Indien är en “modell”. Man struntar i de fattiga och leker hellre krig mot Kina igen som de tror att de kan överträffa. Skrattretande! /Einar Apathy In Public Healthcare Causes Loss Of 72 Children’s Life by Mousumi Roy Apathy In Public Healthcare Causes Loss Of […]

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The Brave Women Running Rural India

Så sant, så sant, men det är en del för dumma att begripa! / Einar The Brave Women Running Rural India by Moin Qazi The Brave Women Running Rural India Women are the mainstay of small-scale agriculture, the farm labour force and day-to-day family subsistence. The biggest myth is that the rural woman is part […]

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Vattnet snart slut i Indien?

Att vattenproblemet är så stort i Indien hade jag inte trott./Einar India Must Act Before Water Runs Out by Moin Qazi India’s peculiar demographics make the water equation quite problematic .The country    is home to nearly a sixth of the world’s population but  has only   2.4 percent of the world surface    and […]

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Indien, en av de värsta luftförorenarna i världen

India stands at place 141 of 181 in  the world regarding air pollution. / Einar A Comprehensive Study of Air Pollution in India by Hanzala Aman The review article discusses the condition of Air Quality and Pollution in India with relevant references from prominent sources like The Environment Performance Index 2016, The Global Green […]

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Release G.N. Saibaba immediately!

Saibaba, an English teacher with 90 percent disability, and five others were convicted on March 7, 2017 by Gadchiroli sessions court in Maharashtra for allegedly having links with Maoists. The judgment was built on flimsy grounds, concocted evidences and tutored witnesses. Saibaba was first arrested in 2014, after 14 months stay in the Nagapur Central […]

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Riktigt obehagligt projekt i Indien

RSS Rolls On Nazi Racist Project Of Producing ‘Aryan’ Babies In India by Shamsul Islam ect-of-producing-aryan-babies-in-india/ According to press reports, one of the RSS offshoots, Garbh Vigyan Sanskar (Uterus Science Culture), following the Vedic preaching and post-World War II experiments in Germany, is conducting live trials in many parts of India for producing ‘fair’ […]

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Brasiliansk protest: We condemn the life sentence given to the professor Saibaba!

The old Indian State, through the Court of Sessions of Gadchiroli (Maharashtra), convicted the Delhi University professor G.N. Saibaba to the life imprisonment. That punishment happened because of his important militancy in defence of the people’s rights. Besides Professor Saibaba, five other militants were targets of this unacceptable measure and convicted under the draconian anti-terror […]

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G N Saibaba dömd till livstids fängelse

Den rullstolsburne universitetsläraren G N Saiaba (som varit på besök i Sverige) dömdes till livstids fängelse den 7 mars med stöd av en lag som kritiserats för att vara fascistisk. Enligt domstolen så har han arbetat öppet som en försvarare av naxaliterna. Många intellektuella i Indien är upprörda över att staten angriper och tystar en […]