Indien har 3000 barnsoldater

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Enligt den nya rapporten från Asian Center for Human Rights så har 500 barnsoldater rekryterats i Kashmir och 2500 för strida mot befolkningen i centralindien. Myndigheterna i delstaten Chhattisgarh har vad de kallar “Balarakshaks”, barnpoliskonstaplar.

I artikeln under länken nedan upprepar de viss NGO- och FN-rapportering som säger att naxalitrörelsen har förstört skolor men det är väl känt att militären använder skolor som baracker. Den framlidne naxalitledaren Azad uttalar sig även angående frågan om barnsoldater nedan.

Några officiella uppgifter av intresse. Naxalipartiet CPI(maoist) har i sina stadgar åldersgräns (16 år) för medlemskap. För Gerillaarmén är det 16-årsgräns (se intervjun med Azad, nedan).

Article – 6: Any resident of India, who has reached the age of 16 years, who belongs to worker, peasant, toiling masses petty-bourgeoisie classes or any other revolutionaries, accepts Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as his/her guiding ideology in day to day activities, accepts Party Programme and Constitutions, actively participates in party activities under any one of the party unit observing discipline, prepare to face the danger encountered in that course and agree to pay regularly membership fees and levies that are decided by the party unit may become a party member. Party membership will be renewed every year.

Vid valen till deras alternativa förvaltning, folkråden så är det 18 som gäller:

Election of government
All adults those who have the age of 18 years will participate in elections. One needs to complete 20 years to be elected. Landlords, anti people hierarchs, stooges of exploiting government and anti revolutionary forces are disqualified to participate in elections.

För giftermål är det 20 års gräns:

Marriages shall be on the basis of mutual love and agreement. The age limit for marriage would be 20 years. It will ban child marriages. It will encourage widow remarriages. Women shall have a right to abortion. It will make special arrangements for the welfare of children.

Här är ett långt utdrag ur en intervju med naxalitledaren Azad där han förklarar att de inte har några barn i Gerillaarmén.

Q: What of the child soldiers? Some papers and TV channels have even shown some
photos of child soldiers recruited by the Maoists. How is it correct to arm the children when
you say you are fighting for liberation from all exploitation?
Azad: Child soldier is another myth that is deliberately concocted and circulated by the police, the various reactionary parties ruling the country, some so-called political analysts employed by the reactionary rulers and dishonest media personnel as part of the enemy’s psychological warfare. Some media channels have been carrying out vicious propaganda that Maoists are preventing children from going to schools, using them in various war-related activities, and so on. They exhibit photos of young boys and girls in our guerilla camps and conclude that they are used by us for fighting the enemy. Shame be on these liars and distorters! They do not even have the minimum honesty and integrity to
verify the facts before telecasting such falsehoods. Besides these deliberate distorters and liars, there are also some well-meaning friends and human rights organizations who to are misled by this propaganda. At the same time, the employment of young boys and girls under 15 as SPOs in Chhattisgarh is conveniently forgotten by the very same people who cry hoarse about the nonexistent child soldiers in the Maoist PLGA.
I can confidently tell you that there is not a single child soldier in our PLGA. Boys and girls in the villages do create problems when our PLGA squads visit them. They want to come with us and even parents request us to take them and teach them as there are no schools in the villages, or, even where there are schools, there are no teachers. So we take them to our camps and use the period to teach them basic knowledge—the three essential Rs. Then they go back home. They do PT exercises but no arms are given to these youngsters. It is these photos of children doing exercises that some channels have been showing and claiming that these are child soldiers. Our Party is a highly disciplined party with proletarian values and culture unlike the lawless lumpen goons of the ruling class parties who have the sole aim of gaining power and money. Even if a single case of recruiting someone who is under 16 years of age comes to the
notice of any Party committee action is taken promptly. 16 years is the minimum age for joining the PLGA. One may debate on this as the minimum age in the armed forces and police is 18 years. We have already explained in several interviews why 16 years is good enough in the conditions obtaining in the war zones where children are associated with the Party and the people’s army from a very young age. We can proudly say that the adivasis have received basic education only after our Party gained a foothold in these areas. Successive reactionary governments, whichever party they belonged to, have done absolutely nothing in this regard even though they were in existence for almost six decades. And now light has dawned upon rulers and they talk of development! Can there be greater hypocrisy than this?

Moreover, why are Manmohans, Chidambarams and all the ostriches refuse to free the children held captive in
millions of sweatshops, quarries, and innumerable other places and send them to school? The children in the Maoist
areas are a small fraction of the total child population in the country. What prevents the rulers from stopping child
labour and providing education to them? And even worse, why are these gentlemen allowing their mercenary forces who call themselves C-60 commandos to rape pre-teen girls like the 13-year-old girl in Pavarvel village in Dhanora tehsil in Gadchiroli district, and leaving Munna Singh Thakur and other rapists scot-free even after they are identified by the victim?

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