18 juli, solidaritet med de 147 fängslade suzukiarbetarna


Demonsterande suzukiarbetare.

En lång kamp har förts av arbetarna på fabriken för att bilda en oberoende fackförening. Företagsledningen skickar ständigt polis och gangsters för att slå ner alla försök till organisering och motstånd. Indiensolidaritet stödjer helt och hållet arbetarnas kamp för att organisera sig och fördömer företagsledningen och myndigheterna återkommande brutala angrepp på arbetarna.


Dear Friend, 

 18th July 2013 will mark a year of the incident in the Manesar Plant of Maruti Suzuki which has left 147 workers in jail and 2300 out of their jobs. The incident in Manesar took place in the wake of a long struggle by the workers to form their own independent Union, a demand which did not prove to be an easy one to achieve. The Union was in the process of negotiating over their charter of demands with the management when the incident took place, the primary demand of the workers being the abolition of contractual work inside the factory. The death of HR manager Awanish Dev has however eclipsed all this and much more from public view, not least the fact that Awanish Dev is forever fondly remembered by the workers as being instrumental in getting their Union registered. With the elapse of a year of intense struggle and much travail for the terminated and jailed workers of Maruti Suzuki and their families, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Congress government in Haryana has taken a clear position in favour of the well known and powerful corporation and against the workers and their family. The incarceration of so many people for so long, for the death of one person is rarely to be found in the country’s legal history. It is clear for everyone to see that no consideration for democratic rights, legal norms or the suffering of the common working man and woman can deter the government in their attempts to attract as much foreign investment as possible.


As this saga of relentless repression and heroic struggle approaches the completion of a year, many teachers, students, journalists, lawyers and intellectuals of the country are convening a solidarity meeting on the 13th of July, at 3pm at the Indian Society for International Law, 9 Bhagwan Das Road, Opposite Supreme Court to register their solidarity with the ongoing struggle of the Maruti workers and demand the immediate release of all jailed workers and the reinstatement of all 2300 terminated workers. The most prominent among those who will stand in support with the workers and their families on this day are Arundhati Roy, Prashant Bhushan, Aruna Roy, Rajinder Sachar and Praful Bidwai among many others. You are heartily invited to participate in the program and lend the strength of your voice to the voice of justice at this important hour. Please find attached an information kit containing releases by the Union and reports by People’s Union for Democratic Rights and International Campaign for Labour Rights and the invitation and poster for the program. For the most recent updates about the movement, visit http://marutisuzukiworkersunion.wordpress.com/2013/07/11/update-on-the-current-situation-11th-july/


In Solidarity


Rakesh, Shyamvir and Subhashini

On behalf of ‘Justice for Maruti’ Campaign 

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