Stänger ner internet för att dölja massaker!

1003992_452262568205389_1973482967_nEfter en massaker på 9 oskyldiga i Kashmir stängde Indiska myndigheter ner det mobila internet då de inte vill att ungdomen berättar för världen om massakern och om den Indiska ockupationen i Kashmir. /Pia Elisabeth Hanzén


Condemn killing of kashmiri youths by the Indian security forces !

Civil liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC) strongly condemns the desecration of Holy Qur’an and killing 6 Kashmiri youths by Indian security forces in Ramban district of Kashmir on Thursday morning .CLMC feels this is state sponsored killings and it comes under crime against humanity and worst form of human rights violation taking place in Kashmir and govt of India administratively and morally responsible for it. We demand immediate revocation of all BSF and Army camps from civilian populace and they should be sent back to their barracks because their presence in the Kashmir is a great threat to life and liberty of the people of Kashmir.

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