Gigantisk korruption och vem ligger bakom – USA

Gigantisk korruption och vem ligger bakom – USA.
Katastrofen är programmerad och samtidigt blir vatten och
värdefull och fruktbar land förstörd.


Nuclear Collusion by S.G.Vombatkere

India’s Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh inaugurated a nuclear power
plant (NPP) at Gorakhpur in Haryana on January 13, 2014. This NPP is an
invitation to disaster since it relies on canal water for cooling, and
canals can, and do, run dry. Besides, routine radioactive discharges
into the cooling water will reach downstream canal users. Also, in the
event of a serious nuclear accident, even full-flow water in the canal
will be woefully insufficient to handle the crisis. At another level, it
draws water which was meant for agriculture, thereby denying Haryana
farmers their rightful due of water for 100,000 acres of extremely
fertile four-crops-a-year land

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