Har folket vunnit? Kommer sydkoreanska stålföretaget Posco dra sig tillbaka?

POSCO måste tvingas på knä. Folkets krav ska uppfyllas. / Einar

POSCO Must Publicly Announce The Withdrawal, Return The Occupied Land, Restore The Ecosystem  And Withdraw False Cases
By POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti


Many people think that the recent National Green Tribunal order means that POSCO has withdrawn and it is time for celebration. We would like to clarify here that though the recent hearing in NGT has enlightened us about POSCO’s confusing mindset but we are disturbed to know about its unwillingness to publicly declare its intention about the project and its future.

Therefore, we demand the following:
1. POSCO be forced to make formal announcement to completely withdraw from the project from Odisha immediately.
2. The government should hand over the all land occupied for POSCO to the villagers immediately and recognise their land as per the FRA 2006.
3.The government should stop all types of repression to our people and withdraw all false and fabricated criminal charges against our villagers immediately.
4 The government need to replant the trees in our sensitive coastal areas where more than two lakh trees were indiscriminately cut down by the Government for POSCO.
5. Proper and adequate Compensation should be paid by the government to the widows and children and the injured family members attacked by POSCO goons in the year 2008 and 2013

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