Modi’s war is against adivasis, not Maoists

Interview/ Varavara Rao, poet and Maoist sympathiser

The Centre, along with state governments, has launched a severe offensive against the Maoists.

I am really worried. I fail to understand why the government is punishing Maoists. The real problem is the land issues. Rights of adivasis have been snatched. Though the governments of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha passed land bills, giving rights to adivasis and saying that non-adivasis could not acquire land in the forests, in actuality the reverse is happening.

How is the government helping non-adivasis acquire land?

By giving mining rights to multinational companies. The Congress government had done the same, but [Prime Minister Narendra] Modi is selling adivasi land more aggressively.

Has that battle now entered a decisive stage?

Yes, it seems so. The onslaught would finish by next year. My question to him [Modi] is, why is he taking it as a war? The mission will kill adivasis. His policy is: remove the water, and the fish would ultimately die. His war is not against Maoists but against adivasis. Maoists are supporting adivasis in the jungles. So he wants to kill Maoists and ultimately the adivasis would die.

But what is wrong with private investment in mining? It would develop the economy.

How could that be? A large number of adivasis would be displaced. The huge displacement would create a massive law and order situation. [There would be] poverty as these people rely heavily on forests.

How will Mission 2016-17 be different from Operation Green Hunt?

Now it is an all-out war, unlike in the past. The government is using aerial strikes. The state governments, which wanted to crush the Maoist movement, received a great fillip when Modi became prime minister.

But why would the Modi government be more aggressive than previous Congress governments?

Because Modi’s political ideology is based on the theory of anti-communism. He views communists as enemies, more than other parties do. So, he is the fiercest and wants to finish Maoists as early as possible. Also, this government follows a World Bank-guided economic model, which would ask the government to open the mining sector to multinationals.

A top Maoist leader told THE WEEK that Maoists would abandon guerrilla action. Is it possible?

I am not sure. But the new generation of Maoists is different. Even if they do away with guerrilla war, they cannot abandon the struggle and revolution. Otherwise, they would not be called Maoists.

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En kommentar till Henrik Sundboms bok På spaning efter det nya Indien

Henrik Sundbom, Svensk-Indiska Föreningens ordförande, har skrivit en bok om Indien, På spaning efter det nya Indien (Timbro förlag 2016).  Hans Magnusson från Dalit Solidarity Network har skrivit intressant en kritik av boken.

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Hälften av Indiens barn är undernärda

Och detta land vill komma ifatt Kina? Skrattretande. Titta här på de nakna siffrorna, sämre än i sub-sahara-afrika. /Einar

Yes Prime Minister: You Are Right
by A concerned Citizen

Yes Prime Minister, you are right. India needs to take the digital way. Half of India’s children are malnourished. 44% of children under the age of 5 are underweight, while 72% of infants have anaemia. Many of the sub-saharan countries are better placed in nutrition than India. But it is not a problem. More than the food malnourishment, it is the digital malnourishment which is a much needed necessity for Indian children. Children with I-Pads, a Smart phone but without proper food are a way to take India into to a digital world.

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Varför finns det en revolution på Filippinerna?

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Kontantlöst Indien hot mot de fattiga

Det blir värre och värre i Indien. Läs här redaktören för Countercurrents brev om hans besök hos sin syster. Hela industrin och handel i Indien går åt helvete. Vad tror den dumskallen Modi egentligen? /Einar

Dear Friend,

I’ve been to my village for the past two days. My widowed sister’s family who sold 10 Kg of raw cocoa beans worth Rs 300 can not get the money in cash! The small time trader who bought the beans said he’ll transfer the paltry sum to her bank account. They don’t know when it will be transferred. Even if it’s transferred they’ll have to travel to a town and stand in queue for a day to withdraw the money. Another day’s work lost in the farm! In fact, they urgently need the money for hospital expenses. I lend her some money for her urgent needs. This is the story of much of rural India. Business has come to a stand still. We don’t know how deep it will sink. We don’t know when it will pick up. Dark days ahead for India, especially its rural population, which is about 70 % of India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had told the nation that the reason for this drastic demonetisation is to fight black money and terrorism. Two days ago in his address to the nation on Radio, he said that ‘from less cash to cashless India’. So the cat is out of the bag! The motive is to make India a cashless economy! That too in a country where large section of the society is hardly literate or illiterate. Where only 2 % of population own ‘plastic money’ or smart phones! Note the irony, PM addresses a nation through Radio to reach those who can’t afford to buy even a Televison, to go cashless! Irony dies a thousand deaths.

After the BJP regime took over whoever opposes the regimes policies are branded anti-nationals! C.R Sridhar writes that now with demonetisation those who possess cash too can be branded as anti-nationals or terrorist sympathisers.

Water protectors at Standing Rock faces imminent threat of eviction. North Dakota Gov. Dalrymple late Monday issued an immediate order for the removal of thousands of water protectors camped at #OcetiSakowin. Time to Stand Up With Standing Rock!

The Arctic Resilience Report warns that Arctic is at a tipping point. Jon Queally warns that “what is happening in the Arctic will not stay in the Arctic.” The report says “Temperatures nearly 20°C above the seasonal average are being registered over the Arctic Ocean”.

A study published by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, reports “The Great Barrier Reef suffered through the worst coral die-off in recorded history this year, scientists found, with unusually warm ocean water and record-setting bleaching eventskilling a stunning 90 percent of all coral in the worst-hit area.”

/In Solidarity

Binu Mathew

Demonetisation Shock Therapy: State Sponsored Financial Repression
by C R Sridhar

The demonetization of the currency has also a shock and awe element to it: the shock of losing real money and the awe of being herded in digital pen. Cash carries a bad odour. Are you using cash because you are engaged in drug trafficking or are you a terrorist wanting to buy arms and explosives? Should you be flagged for suspicious activities for questioning by the national security state?

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Skänk en slant till Anuradha Gandhys minne


The Anuradha Ghandy Memorial Committee has invited Angela Davis to deliver the 8th Anuradha Ghandy Memorial Lecture on 16th December this year in Mumbai. Angela Davis’ commitment to the struggles against racism, gender discrimination and class exploitation is well known. She herself has been a victim of state oppression in the U S and has been fighting relentlessly for the rights and freedom of political prisoners. In the 70s when Angela was campaigning for the Soledad brothers, (Black Americans falsely accused of killing a white jailer) a violent incident in the court, during the trial left the judge and others dead. Though Angela was just an observer she was arrested for this death and imprisoned for 16 months. After her release Angela’s activism continued with greater zeal and she also took on academic assignments.

Her book, Women, Race and Class, is a seminal text used in Women’s Studies and other disciplines, across universities. Her other books, such as, Are Prisons Obsolete? Women, Culture and Politics and Abolition Democracy: Beyond Prisons, Torture, and Empire are well known, latest work being, Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement. Her writings on related subjects and her years of academic work go along side by side with her activism. We are sure that this lecture will be a memorable event.

However, as you can imagine, the financial liabilities for this programme would be difficult for the Committee to bear on its own.
We therefore appeal to you to donate/collect donations to raise funds to meet the expenses.

We appeal to you to contribute generously.

The Account details are:
M/s Anuradha Gandhi Memorial Committee
Bank of Baroda, Fort University Branch,
119 Agra Building Mahatma Gandhi Marg,
Fort, Mumbai 400 023
A/c No. 06960100015375
MICR Code: 400012025

October 2016

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Samling vid ett naxalitminnesmärke

På bilden syns en samling vid ett naxalitminnesmärke nyligen. De bygger minnesmärken på olika håll för att hedra de som stupat i revolutionen. Vågar myndigheterna inte riva dem? Man kan förmoda att de bara få stå kvar i områden där de har riktigt starkt stöd.
“Memorial meetings were held for martyr Baturi Venkatraman in Vishkapatnam in Bakuri villlage on 13th November ,in Prakasam in Alakurpadau village for Comrade R.K. and in Srikakluam in Bathupuram village.for martyr Ganesh on 16th Nov.”

15135908_936395603160927_8439586282231039221_n 15055635_936394839827670_3542078788881809379_n

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Strider trots påstått eldupphör från regeringens sida

FILIPPINERNA. Enligt rapporter från förhandlingarna i Oslo mellan kommunisterna och regeringen så har president Duterte sagt att militären ska sluta attackera kommunisternas gerilla. Men tydligen så fortsätter militären sina undertryckningsoperationer:

“True, there has been a marked decrease in armed encounters between the New People’s Army (NPA) and state security forces. But the attacks by AFP-led paramilitaries on communities, especially in the hinterlands such as the lumad areas, are unabated, again despite Pres. Duterte’s order to the AFP to disarm and control these paramilitary forces.”

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Naxalitledare dödad? Sanningen måste fram

(En namninsamling kräver nu att myndigheterna berättar vad som har hänt med Rama Krishna).

Produce the Maoist Party leader com. RK (Rama Krishna @ Akkiraju Hara Gopal) and 13 other adivasis who were injured in the Bejjangi (Jantri) massacre in AP-Odisha border and underpolice custody.

We strongly condemn the killing of 30 Maoists and adivasis by the Grey Hounds police force and the special forces of Odisha

The police have announced that 24 Maoists were killed in an encounter on 24th october in the Bejjangi area in the Andhra-Odisha border region. Andhra Pradesh DGP also announced that four and two more activists were killed in the subsequent encounters that ensued on the next two days. The police also announced on 24th october that the Maoist leader RK too died in the encounter. Contradicting their own announcement, they declared again that RK was only injured and escaped. So far, his whereabouts are not known. It has come to be known that the police have killed five people who were in their custody and shown them to have been killed in the combing operation. Therefore, the society at large is apprehensive that com. RK is also in their custody and that there is a threat to his life. The High Court opined on 31st october that it is immaterial if RK is a Maoist or not, and the life of any human being is precious. It also hoped that if RK is indeed in the custody of the police, the police would not contemplate of killing him at least now. It also commented that it is the responsibility of the government to protect the lives of the people. It is with this democratic understanding that we are demanding that RK and the 13 adivasis who are under police custody be produced in the court immediately.

In fact, the whole incident raises serious questions. Various narrations have come to light about the incident and based on those we have come to a conclusion that the police had encircled the meeting place of the Maoists and resorted to a unilateral firing and resorted to this killing. In the past also, the government has resorted many times to such unconstitutional, undemocratic, inhuman and immoral methods.

All the citizens of the country have the right to political freedom as per the Indian constitution. The Indian constitution has given every citizen the right to freedom of expression even to put forth a severe critique of the parliamentary politics and to profess alternative politics by rejecting parliamentary politics. Everybody has the right to believe that only Maoist politics offers a solution to the problems facing this country.

This belief or understanding by itself does not constitute a crime. But the police, who are acting as per the diktats of the ruling classes, are killing the Maoist party members, its leaders and the people who are sympathetic to the movement. We believe that it is a crime as per the constitution to kill this way in the name of encounters. The highest court of the land has pronounced on a similar occasion that one cannot be killed merely if one has faith in the Maoist politics and that the republic cannot kill its own children. If any crime as per the law takes place in the course of the practice of Maoist politics, then those responsible for it have to be punished as per the law by the courts. But we condemn such killing by encircling. There are marks of severe torture on the bodies of the deceased. The cruel torture that the police unleashed on the women Maoists is an insult to the human civilization itself. For quite a long period, it has been in the news that the adivasis, under the leadership of Maoists, are resisting the mining of bauxite and other minerals by the corporate forces. We are alleging that the AP government has resorted to this massacre at the behest of the corporate forces, precisely because it is not possible to mine bauxite and other minerals as long as the adivasis are resisting it under the leadership of Maoists. We demand that a judicial probe be conducted and the accused be punished by filing a case of murder against them.

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Minnesmöte för dödade naxaliter

Vi glömmer aldrig kamrat Prudvi! Möte till minnet av dödade naxaliter i delstaten Andrah Pradesh.

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