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Indiska ursprungsfolk reser sig mot kol- och aluminiumjättar

I Indien pågår flera strider mellan gruvbolag, na­tur­skydd och ur­sprungs­fol­kens rät­tig­he­ter. I Madhya Pradesh vill brittiska Essar Energy och Hindalco starta ett stort kol­gruve­pro­jekt, och i bergen i Odisha vill Vedanta Resources starta en full­ska­lig alu­mi­ni­um­in­du­stri i gamla urskogar. Läs mer här

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National Adivasi Alliance ber om solidaritet

Protect Culture, Faith, Livelihood And Natural Resources Of  Indigenous People: Observe Kandhamal Day on August 25, 2014 By V. S Roy David National Adivasi Alliance call upon all the concerned human beings, secular groups, human rights organisations and like minded members of the political parties to respond to the call for action by the National […]

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Norrman doktorerar om gruvbolagen, folkfördrivningen och naxaliterna

Doctoral dissertation on Mining, Displacement and Conflict in Maoist India Jason Miklian from the Department of International Environment and Development Studies at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Noragric) in Ås, Norway, defends his doctoral dissertation entitled ”Mining, Displacement and Conflict in Maoist India” on Friday 27 June 2014, at 13.15. Miklian’s dissertation is a […]

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40 adivasis arresterade. Hundratals stormar kontor.

40 Narmada Adivasi Oustees in Jail since 4 days Demand Unconditional Release : Announce intense struggle   Hundreds storm offices of Collector and SP, Alirajpur   Condemn Illegal Eviction from 2.5 year old Jobat Zameen Hak Satyagraha   8th January: Hundreds of adivasis and farmers, representing a large number of oustees affected by the Sardar Sarovar and […]

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Linga Ram Kodpis brev till de intellektuella

Respected intellectuals, I am writing this letter in the hope that you all will do justice to the torture and injustices being inflicted upon me and my fellow Adivasis. I have passed through three pillars of the Indian democracy—the Executive, the Judiciary and the media—I do not have hope any more that these three pillars […]

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