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Ny kampanj-affisch för Saibaba-delegation till Indien

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Chief Justice of India: Release Dr.Saibaba On Bail And Order A Judicial Investigation

By Karen Gabriel New Delhi, DL Professor Saibaba was on his way to work when his car was forced to the side of the road by a Santro car carrying 5-6 plainclothes policemen. The plainclothes men blindfolded, roughed up and forced his driver into the Santro, and took professor Saibaba away in his own car. […]

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Kommande demo i Dehli för Saibaba

Jan Sanskriti Manch has called for a protest asking for the immediate release of Dr G N Saibaba – Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, Wednesday May 28th, 2014, 3 pm. Please be there, and share widely too.

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Thruvananthapuram, Tuesday 27 May. Protest organized by Dr GN Saibaba Aikydardya Samithy. Keralam.

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The country needs an anti-fascist force, says activist acquitted after 40 months in jail

Sudhir Dhawale, a dalit rights activist accused of having Maoist links, was declared innocent on May 15. Aarefa Johari On May 20, after spending three years and four months in Nagpur Central Jail for crimes he did not commit, dalit rights activist Sudhir Dhawale finally walked out as a free man. His arrest in January […]

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Revolutionära författarförbundet fördömer arresteringen av Saibaba

Revolutionary Writers Association condemns Saibaba’s arrest Saturday, May 24, 2014, 23:24 Hyderabad: The city-based Revolutionary Writers Association (RWA) on Saturday condemned the arrest of G N Saibaba, a Delhi University professor, for his alleged Naxal links, and his subsequent suspension from the University. Saibaba was arrested by Gadchiroli police of Maharashtra earlier this month on […]

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CPI(m)-medlemmar arga på ledningen efter det dåliga valresultatet

Statement from a dissident CPI(M) office bearer of Bengal This is to inform all concerned that I have been a member of the CPI(M) since the year 2000, which I had joined as an activist of the SFI. I’ve been the secretary of the Website Branch of the party since 2011, which works under the […]

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Den mest o-representativa regeringen sedan 1947?

Mukherji säger att den nya BJP regeringen är den mest o-representativa av alla efter oavhängigheten. / Einar A Stolen Verdict By Nirmalangshu Mukherji The total electorate is 810 million. Since 66.3% of this electorate voted in the elections, the actual number who voted is 541 million. At 31%, BJP won roughly 165 million votes. […]

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Styret allt mer auktoritärt på Sri Lanka

“Sri Lankas regering använder ofta ordet försoningsprocess. Men fem år efter slutet på det blodiga inbördeskriget sker fortfarande brutala övergrepp på ön. Tamiler som kidnappats vittnar om systematisk tortyr och sexuellt våld.”

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