Polisbunkers skall stoppa naxaliterna

Den indiska staten har som strategi att bygga fortifierade anläggningar med jämnt avstånd i de områden där naxaliterna har byggt upp sin alternativa förvaltning. Så här skriver CPI (maoists) generalsekreterare Ganapathy i en redogörelse för imperialisternas militära strategi (indiska armén vägleds av amerikaner).

“It is a principle that you should not attack the guerilla bases without establishing your own bases. So they make fortification in the areas under their control and provide the necessary defense for themselves. They make the necessary arrangements to retaliate an attack by the guerillas. According to the condition of weapons with the guerillas and the intensity of the war, changes are made in this fortification. The fortification made when the guerillas have light weapons is not adequate when they have artillery. Likewise the fortification when they are attacking as small units is inadequate when they attack in the formation of a battalion in the manner of mobile war.”


Indian border security posthttp://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/visakhapatnam/Cops-plan-stations-to-man-Maoist-heartland/articleshow/20235770.cms

” … emboldened security agencies are now chalking out plans to take the fight right to the doorstep of Maoists by setting up police outposts in the Naxal heartland to keep a close watch on their activities. 
As part of this strategy, the security agencies are planning to set up eight police stations or outposts with a strong security cover in G K Veedhi and Chintapalli mandals. The Visakahapatnam rural police has mooted plans to set up around seven police stations or outposts in the heavily Maoist infested GK Veedhi mandal alone, with one police station proposed in Chintapalli, sources said.

According to sources, the government is assessing the feasibility of setting up stations or outposts at Sapparla, Darakonda, Kakunuru in Gummirevula panchayat, Kumkumpudi , Erracheruvulu in Lakaram panchayat, Garikabanda, Pedavalasa and Jerrela of GK Veedhi mandal and Garimanda on the borders of Koyyuru-GK Veedhi mandals, apart from Balapam-Korukonda or Ralla gedda in Chintapalli mandal. While CRPF personnel are guarding the existing nine police stations in the Visakha Agency where the Maoist presence is very strong, all these proposed locations too will deploy additional forces for security cover. In order to keep the new security establishments plan under wraps, the officials are quietly conducting surveys with the help of Indira Kranthi Patham (IKP) staff instead of using district revenue authorities for the process of site selection.

The IKP staff reportedly made enquiries about availability of vacant lands at Darakonda and Sapparla during the weekly market days last Saturday and Sunday. The police authorities are keen on acquiring 10 to 20 acres of land on the main road in villages so that the movement of security forces is not hampered by Maoists, sources said. But it is learnt the IKP staff is facing problems in scouting for a huge chunk of land in tribal villages, where the farmers have only an acre or two. It is learnt that the new police structures will have all amenities, including staff quarters and barracks for the CRPF, inside the station premises. “They are asking for a huge chunk of land to protect the structures from possible Maoist attacks. However, the station will be set up in a small area and will be protected by the vast expanse of land and huge boundaries,” a source said.

Earlier, there were six police outposts in the Visakha Agency, three of which were bombed by Maoists as they were small structures and had deployed limited police force.

Sources in the police department said they initially had plans to set up police outposts with a huge deployment of armed personnel at Pedavalasa, Sapparla, Darakonda, Jerrela in GK Veedhi and Balapam in Chintapalli area but the plan had been lying on the back burner. But with the security forces stepping up efforts to lure Maoists back into the mainstream with surrender rewards and Sadbhavana Yatras in Maoist infested areas, the government has reportedly given permission to set up new stations or outposts in the Visakha Agency area.

However, former CPI MLA G Demudu alleged that the move was a new ploy by the government to mine bauxite in the area as they wanted to suppress the people’s agitations against bauxite mining by setting up new security establishments.

The government is also planning to deploy the girijan battalion, which is under training at Khammam, at these police establishments, the former MLA alleged.

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