Rapport från Sverige till den internationella kommittén

Report to the international committee:

Highlighting the peoples councils and struggle to stabilize a small organization

We are steadily working in solidarity with the people of i India in their struggle against feodalism and domestic and foreign monopoly capital. There are a wide range of struggles fought all over India and among them, the struggles of the naxalites are important. The naxalites have since several years ago set up peoples councils in large areas which are developing a new democracy, economy, culture and politics from below. That is an important achievement and an experiement that is rather uniqe in the world today. To understand this process better, India Solidarity have taken a decision localy in Stockholm to study certain documents until the end of december this year (see list of documents below).

During the past year we have done several manifesations outside the indian embassy in Stockholm and posted several protests on the embassy wall. But our group in Sweden is still very small and there is a continous discussion on how we should develop our work. Right now we have made some efforts to make the organization more stable with a new proposal for statues and a new programme. We also rented a 15 square meter room as an office outside Stockholm for meetings and repetitions with the cultural group. We have set dates for “India nights” with music, movies and food once a month and specific dates for work meetings and study meetings are set for the rest of the year. We also hope to be able to raise money for a fact-finding mission from Sweden to India next year,

We are very happy to see that there is an international campaign that is highlighting the struggle of the naxalites and we are glad to see that the first steps has been taken to build an India Solidarity organization in Finland and the friends in Norway are doing an important job. We hope that there will be constituted more solidarity organizations throughout Europe in the coming years. The reason for this is that stable solidarity organizations tend to do a lot more than few, but important actions once a year.

The struggle of the swedish and the indian people are one!

1. 130617. Strategy and tactics of the indian revolution

2. 130709. Political economy, the chapter on imperialism, s 335-378.

3. 130813. Walking with the comrades, Arundhati Roy

4. 130910. “The Dandakaranya Janathana Circars of Today are the Basis for the Indian People’s Democratic Federal Republic of Tomorrow”, message sent by CPI(Maoist) General Secretary Ganapathy to the magazine of the Dandakaranya Janathana Circar (people’s government), April 22, 2009, 8 pages

5. 131008. “Introduction to the Policy Programme of Janathana Sarkar”, June 1, 2004. On the setting up of People’s Governments.

6. 131112. Interview with comrade Sonu, member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of India (Maoist). According to press reports aka Mallojula Koteswara Rao and responsible for the Dandakaranya Special Zone Committee. http://redstaroverindia.se/pdf/5-Interview%20with%20comrade%20Sonu.pdf

7. 131203. Oppose the brutal offensives of the Indian Ruling Classes! Intensify People’s War & Defeat the ‘Operation Green Hunt’ – ‘War on People’!

8. 131227. LIC is the cruelest war of the imperialists

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One thought on “Rapport från Sverige till den internationella kommittén

  1. Pia Elisabeth Hanzén

    Bra början på ett växande solidaritetsarbete Kamrater. Om vi alla bidrar med det vi förmår kan vi få väldigt god politisk nytta av vår solidaritet med det Indiska folket som kämpar och aldrig ger upp. Hälsningar Pia Hanzén.


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