Turkiska naxalitvänner talar ut om upproret i Turkiet

People shout anti-government slogans as they gather for a demonstration at Taksim Square in Istanbul

Turkiska TKP/ML är kanske naxaliternas närmsta vänner på det internationella planet. Det är ett parti som säger sig föra en liknande kamp som naxaliterna fast i mindre skala. De har också varit på besök som gäster hos naxaliterna ute Dandakaranyas djungler.

TKP/ML: Revolution is a Certainty and Taksim is the New Flare!

(Since series of mass resistance and revolt have been taking place in Turkey, it has created much of a curiosity among the Leftists all over the world. But except some discrete news and footage, lack of concrete statements from the Turkish leftist organisations have left all of us a bit confused and perplexed.

So we found it our responsibility to translate and publish a recent statement by one of the main leftitst organisations in Turkey,Communist Party of Turkey (Marxist–Leninist) as we hope this can throw some light on the recent mass revolt in Turkey.(translated by Com. Gediz and it has been marginally edited to gain readability)

Revolution will take the same step in our country, history will write a similar story!

We are going through days that show us nothing will be same as before. We are living days when walls of fear are broken, fields and streets are besieged/conquered, and all obstacles are being smashed. The fascist dictatorship that accompanies the government is totally clueless as to what to do against a people’s rebellion never before seen in the history of the Turkish Republic. They are hopeless and they are miserable with fear!
The police, who have become the army of the regime, turned into rabid dogs causing people to puke blood, armed with armoured weapons and raining agent orange on to the masses, could not have defeated the resistance, and against an amazing resistance, they have been scattered. Our country has witnessed the fight of revolutionary, progressive and patriotic youth with Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul being the lead.

The accumulated hatred on the part of the masses has exploded against fascism. The ones trying to resist this explosion, despite having the advantage of an upper hand, are being defeated constantly. Certain underlying cities has become a war zone and some streets have been turned into fields of freedom. Along with resistance, many accompanied festivals of victory can be observed. The wall of fear has been broken. As the struggle continues, as masses resist, as they practice solidarity and wield bravery, all the barricades are being shattered. The fire started by this resistance has spread over every corner of the country.

Even though differences in perception create conflicts from time to time, it has given birth to united rebellion against the government. Despite being part of different genders, religions, and influenced by different politics, the masses have gathered in a common wave of hatred against the government. True, it’s the AKP government that the masses demand the resignation of, but the target of the people who rose up is the system itself. It’s not just the AKP buildings that are being targeted by the masses; bourgeoisie media, and various government buildings are also being targeted. Militants of our party involved in armed practice are targeting these buildings, and will continue to do so.



Our practices that involved Turkish Kurdistan’s polecats, and campaigns in Istanbul’s revolutionary neighborhoods that involved factories, may first, NATO, IMF and struggle practices against civilian fascists; are now progressed further in today’s struggle. The resistance process that has started with flare of Taksim will become a major milestone with all its gains.
Even though the process was started by a democratic protest against Gezi Park being demolished by the capitalists, since the protest has been violently suppressed, it has progressed into higher dimensions, becoming a nationwide anger and uprising across the country. Beyond this, it has spread to foreign countries with Turkish immigrant workers and sparked continuous demonstrations in solidarity. The potential that fights till sunrise and carries resistance with its bravery is surprising to nonbelievers.

The same group of people that were surprised, and then dismissive of the Arab Spring, by saying there could have been an “American Finger”, have to realize the differences in dynamics of massive uprising Turkey and Arab spring, and have to rethink their dismissive attitude. Just like the ruling classes, those who easily claim the masses will “never learn” are covering up the absolute struggle between classes that is happening. The absolute power that is fighting now is the masses, and the thing that will claim victory for it is the one and only proletarian class.
With our party included, even though there are organized political groups involved in the uprising, it is not an organized uprising/resistance. The organized behavior that is seen, especially during barricade fights, is not united in a political body. In this sense the role of leadership position is also empty. The practice of self-manifested anger of rebellion will certainly fail to go beyond certain targets. However, this situation is not diminishing the effectiveness and strength of the movement, and even though none of the resisters are seeing big dreams, it is not shying away from pushing with the desire for absolute victory.

The arrow has left the bow, and even though it can be interrupted, it has started a process that will not stop. The slogan shouted, “This is Only the Beginning, Keep on Fighting!” has to be acknowledged as the start of a new process. Without fighting against the terror mechanisms of the system, without being inside the physical struggle, without winning fields by fighting, without realizing your own power and raising leader-militants, it is impossible to carry this revolutionary struggle further.

The ones who will provide revolutionary essence to the movement are now stubbornly fighting against the regime’s violent mechanisms. If this becomes a blind and wrong practice without any consciousness, even though it might bring some victories in time, it will also be a defeat in the bigger picture. Without revolutionary practice, the conscious will not have the ability to develop. The AKP that was brought to work by the imperialist project called the “Green (Islamic) Generation” 11 years ago, the same regime that has been created to restore the Kemalist-Fascist regime’s oppressive structure, which serves as tool for imperialists’ plans of invade-share, the same exploitation that is parallel to the capitalists needs have put people in a situation where they can no longer breathe. The Islamic mission of the current regime, and its program to rearrange society, have tried to a create a social culture of obedience. In these years of every kind of fascist terror mechanism being put into use, with proletarians being the first to be affected, it has been forced onto every aspect of the lives of the masses.

The process leading to the explosion involves proletarians being involved in non-union and irregular working conditions leading to full exploitation and unemployment. It involves workers’ lives lost in accidents accidents comparable to mass killings. The road to the explosion involves the youth being cornered with unemployment and no future. It involves women’s identity and body being insulted and exploited systematically by the government’s requests to making abortion illegal and asking women to bare 3-5 children. In the process that is leading to the explosion, there are loss of basic rights and freedoms, summary executions, tortures, dawn operations, arrests, and jails being filled with patriots, intellectuals, lawyers, reporters, and revolutionaries. It also involves an increase of the following in prisons: tortures, sick being left to die, sexual assault and rape of kids.

In the process that is leading to explosion, there is Alevis being humiliated and their basic rights being denied, and the ignoring of their historic pain by naming a bridge “Yavuz Sultan Selim”, who happens to be their biggest murderer in history. In this process there is the similar genocidal mentality that massacred Hrant [Dink].
Again, in recent times, there is involvement within imperialist plots against Syria and being protector to murderous groups here. There is also the responsibility of dozens being massacred in Cilvegozu and Reyhanli. In the process that is leading to the explosion, there are prohibitions coming one after another, limitations to personal life, and many prohibitions as well as intervention on art and culture. There is the destruction of nature, the destruction of right to shelter by campaigns disguised as “Urbanization”.
Finally, in this process, there is desire to increase expansion of capital, and turn the country into a base for AVM stores. Vandalism is being pursued at full speed in Haydarpasa, Galataport, Emek sinemasi. Now, it has spread to Gezi Park, but this is where the film has been torn to pieces. So far, no fascist dictatorship has been able to stop itself from taking the steps that hasten its demise. The ones who are trying to educate them and “send them a message” are wasting their time.

All bourgeois dictatorships are bound by the conditions of their existence, and due to their class reflexes, they unavoidably press on the pedal that will bring their end. They don’t even have a chance to forecast their own fall. This is true for “modern” bourgeois democracies that are dealing with crisis, as well as the fascist regimes. Similar to previous samples, the imperialists leading the political project of the fascistic dictatorship in Turkey, which has remarkably dominated the last decade, have started to organize the final state of the scenario with the upcoming elections. The plans whose results emerged in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet more extensively related to the developments in the area spreading from Tunisia to Syria are of great importance. This process which gives priority to the solution of Kurdish nation problem, the geographical dimension of which has a critical significance, will be empowered by constitutional regulations and it is beyond doubt that with the stricter practices of the last few years there will be much more destructive conditions for all Turkish people.



The steps being taken regarding this progresses in following fashion; disposing every critique from opposition, despite having a bit of chance to breathe due to “negotiation talks” in National Movement, the oppression used on people is being constantly increased. The same people with the mindset of doing whatever they please, turning blind eye to every critique, has ability to squeeze every single opposition, will naturally wont forget to insure their structure and mechanism, therefore will continue to act ignorant towards others.
As this periods major actor, Tayyip has attracted anger of the every oppressed masses by; denying the very existence of different points of view, speaking from above with all knowing attitude. His last action ” For Gezi park do whatever you want to stop it, We have made decision already” is an good summery for everything. The surface manifestation of the class struggle’s flames has proven its ability to change, convert and mobilize the masses once again. The existence of fascist parties inside the barricades of physical resistance, such as CHP,IP, HKP , does not have the ability to change the people’s movements.

The necessity to oppose these powers to stop them from turning movement into their own adventurous selfish gains is obvious, but at this point there is no need to turn suspicion towards the movement by intervening these powers. It is true, there should be an effort to neutralize and irradiate them from the movement, but this is not something that should be done alone and without through analysis of the conditions. At the same time we have to acknowledge its out of necessity we are being forced to shout ” Shoulder to shoulder against fascism” alongside with these groups, and not being able to respond to their racist, counter-revolutionary, fascist literature. In order to balance out this situation we have to put more weight into our work. Even inside these parties, people are noticing that their flags and posters are not being targeted and number of people who are not aware of this is only handful. People shouldn’t be allowed to show the resistance as an true revolution but at the same time its true nature and value should not be shadowed or dismissed. History is living through a period of resistance, how it will break and what it will bring shall be seen in following days. We say ” Nothing will ever be the same” we put emphasis on the educational value of the practice. This action is an fist that smacked fascism in the head, it has shocked the system and broth self confidence and moral to every class that has a stake in the revolution.

The ability to accomplish and manifest can only be shown in practices that proves it. Practice is also needed to develop people’s faith in this power. The reason behind injecting factors from “outside influence” to Ergenekon is to prevent this type of gain. The fact that resisters are being humiliated, taken lightly and made fun of shows that how much fear this process is causing. Only one month ago they have declared martial law and prevented May First in Taksim. Now it has been conquered thanks to nonstop struggle of the masses and turned into symbolic field of challenge to authority. The ignited resistance that is embraced by wide veraity of masses with the shouts “Everywhere is Taksim, Everywhere is resistance!”, is now spread to universities and high schools within the first week. It will mature further with the predesigned general strike of KESK in 5th of July, which will allow workers to participate in the resistance. Even though there are barriers to prevent revolutionaries and democrats from participating directly in this resistance, it is an necessity for them to contribute as much as they can.

As the movement continued on, the fear of being crushed under the wave have started to influence the reformist groups. This have also been reflected in the discussions that is happening in Gezi Park. At the same time, besides unorganized groups there is increasing flood of organized political bodies. With the physical and active resistance, the resistance that is doing its best to stay on its feet is doing good job at keeping its strong militant power alive.

Other then the fact that proletarian dynamics haven’t been motivated yet, another week point of this movement is the fact that we have entered “Peace Time” in name of National Movement. Even though there is mass participation, we can observe that powers in this are unbalanced and it is following a pacifist style. Therefore their first reaction -even though they are in process to change it- is using “staying away from action” as an excuse to stay away from fascist and racist environment, but what truly drives them to avoid these groups is the thought of “peace process” being possibly disturbed.

The same “individualism/selfishness” they criticize is very apparent in their practice due to lack of class perspective, and despite dozens of years worth struggle they still cant differentiate between friend and enemy. But due to Turkish Governments stance as an non negotiating warmonger, their perspective of who is enemy and who is not is being developed. The democratic solution of their problems can only be achieved after revolution therefore they have to start relations with resisting forces. Otherwise many politicians will pull the already backward coalition further. If it starts practices with such strong and potential they will not put the National Movement process in bas situation, instead they will strengthen it. The way to gain their demands and become victorious can’t be accomplished by “well behaving”, its accomplished by increasing your weight and force the government to hear you ( I am not too sure about this part). We can observe that there is great opportunity regarding this.
The Turkish government is having really hard time stopping the protests since police cannot use real bullet or bombs, we can observe that Tayip is forced to threaten masses by saying ” I can barely stop 50% home”. Preplanned travels have always existed. But the truth is this; Tayyip has stumbled off his feet and found only solution for a time being by traveling outside country. Now the other representatives of the ruling class are apologizing to the masses and calling protests ” rightful reactions”, at the same time they are trying to keep revolutionary forces away and break the spirit of the resistance by thanking “the patient citizens” while still having stick in one hand. They will try to divide and scatter the resistance before the movement will even have complete purpose and demands. The militant and stubborn stand of the unified resisters will show us how things will go from now on.

The very thing ruling class feared has happened, considerable amount of masses have became the student to resistance school. From making sounds at night to direct resistance in barricades, The shouting masses has tasted the air of rebellion and resistance. Our duty have just begun. We move forward and be in front of every barricade, and use the practices that is proper to our ideology in order to make resistance grow. The communists and revolutionaries who have been branded marginal, provocateurs, extreme edges, vandalizers, have to embrace the duty of making the resistance grow. The fields of actions has to be turned into symbol collective cooperation that fights fascism.

Our leaders and pioneers didn’t take refuge to ” necessity and condition” literature, instead they see no problem with fighting in the front lines. They didn’t had any hesitation when they embraced the barricades. Even more due to leadership problems of the movement, they predicted that it will taste defeat. But they also knew that in order to reach the very(revolution) they had to go through these stops and history has proven them right.
Revolution will take the same step in our country, history will write similar story!

Down with the fascist Dictatorship!
Long live the Taksim Resistance!
Everywhere is taksim, everywhere is resistance!
Shoulder by shoulder against Facism!
This is only the beginning, Keep on fighting!
Long live the democratic people’s revolution!
Long live the peoples war!

4 Haziran 2013

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