Skandalös gasprishöjning


Indien är ett rikt land som vill vara med i supermaktsklubben och
dess ekonomi växer med 6% och ändå vill regeringen höja priset på
gas som är en elementär nödvändighet i vartenda hushåll. Och 70 % av
alla hushåll är fattigmanshushåll så vem får lida mest? / Einar Schlereth

India: What Lies Behind The Doubling Of Gas Prices?

By Rahul Varman

The cabinet decided to double the natural gas prices from $4.2 to $8.4
per million British thermal unit in an unprecedented decision last week;
the price increase will be effective from the next financial year
beginning April 1, 2014. Since the hike is in dollars and rupee is
currently running at a historic low, the actual raise in rupee terms is
more than two and a half times. It is quite shocking for a government to
make this kind of a drastic hike in an election year, that too for a
commodity that is a basic input as a household fuel, for power
production, as well as fertiliser. Consequently it will have an all
round adverse effect on the common people who are in any case in dire
straits given the unparalleled inflation in recent years

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