Trakasserier mot pojke som vägrar bli polisagent

Police harass youth’s family for his refusal to be an agent

Srinagar, July 28 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, a Kashmiri youth, who was released last year from jail after one year illegal detention, has said that the Indian police personnel were subjecting his family to humiliation and harassment for turning down their offer to become an agent.

Waqar Ahmad Moharkan, who was released on July 8 in 2012 following a vibrant online campaign by his well-wishers, in a media interview in Srinagar via phone said that the police had made his father’s life miserable by threatening him to seize his shop and to arrest every member of the family after he refused to work as its agent.

“My only fault is that I have refused to be their agent. For the last four days, my father and my family have been subjected to humiliation and harassment by the police. My father is a heart patient. He suffered a stroke when I was arrested in 2011. He is not keeping well. Police should stop harassing my family,” Waqar, who has gone into hiding, said.

Waqar, a science graduate, was first arrested on October 4, 2011, during a raid on his house in Lal Bazaar for participating in anti India protests.

The police, Waqar said, were pushing the youth to the wall by arresting a father in lieu of a son, and a brother in lieu of a brother. He said, collective punishment is being given to the families of those participated in protests.

“It’s not only my case. Every youth is facing similar atrocities. This is what they do to the family of every Kashmiri youth. A senior police officer has threatened my father of devastating his life if he fails to produce me before him. They can’t imagine the consequences of pushing youth to the wall. If they have animosity with us, why do they make our families to suffer,” he said.

Waqar said that dubbing innocent youth as drug addicts, terrorists and anti-social elements to defame them before the international community would serve no purpose to the Indian police. He also sought the intervention of international rights organisations to take notice of Indian state terrorism in the occupied territory.

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