“Fascist och slaktare” Indiens nye president?


Den här fascisten och slaktaren tycks verkligen bli den
nye indiska presidenten. Han försäkrar sig redan av arméns
stöd. En indisk Obama. /Einar

Modi And The Military: Not Quite An Innocent Beginning
By Firdaus Ahmed


Mr. Modi’s political sense was on display at the very first rally on his
nomination as the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate. Addressing
ex-servicemen at Rewari he laid out his security agenda that would no
doubt have been music to the ears of the gathering. Declaring an intent
to make Pakistan behave, China back off, the civilian defence sector
deliver and have the coffers cough up ‘one rank one pension’, he
suggested that since all this would require a ‘strong’ leader, he was
the best man for the job. Missed in the deconstruction of his speech has
been the more significant aspect: that of politicisation of the military

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