Lurar amerikanska kärnkraftbolag den indiske premiärministern?

Indien har en lag som säger att de som bygger atomkraftverk bär fullt ansvar och måste betala när det händer
en katastrof. Men i kulisserna sitter Westinghouse och lurar den indiska premiärministern att slopa lagen därför att deras kraftverk “är säkrast i världen”. Subbarao frågar med all rätt: om dom nu är så säkra borde de ju inte bli bekymrad av lagen. Men det tycks inte idioten Manmohan Singh inte begripa. /Einar

Have American Nuclear Companies Trapped Indian Prime Minister?

By Buddhi Kota Subbarao. Ph.D.

Behind the scenes a great deal of effort is underway to trap Indian
Prime Minister to agree to the argument that India’s Civil Liability for
Nuclear Damage Law, which allows the operator of a nuclear plant to seek
damages from the supplier in case of a nuclear incident due to supply of
equipment with latent and patent defects or sub-standard services, is
not consistent with the International Convention on Supplemental
Compensation (CSC). Now there is an allegation against Indian Prime
Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh, that he has caused steps to dilute India’s
nuclear liability law with the intention of pleasing the US President
Barack Obama during Prime Minister’s visit to the United States in the
last week of September 2013

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