Hälsoläget i Indien fruktansvärt

Hälsoläget i Indien är verkligen fruktansvärt. Indien ligger på plats 136 av 187 länder (Human Development Index). I ett land med  ca. 900 miljoner finns jättedålig eller icke befintlig hälsovård och skriande sociala olikheter.  /Einar


The Dismal State Of Health Care In India

By Graham Peebles

29 November, 2013

To speak of growth is to allude to one thing only: economic development,
GDP and GNP figures, which of course should be increasing for the world
to stay on track to become a global shopping emporium. The word has been
confiscated by the economically erudite and the political ideologues.
Monthly statistics are chanted, mantra like, by the politically aligned
media, ignored by most and washed away with the residue. They are of no
consequence to the majority trying to meet the basic requirements of
living and are issued along with other contemporary anxiety stimulants:
deficit, austerity and debt to name but three of the more popular
narcotics of control.

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