Telegana, Indiens nya delstat

Telangana State Formation: An Historic Resolve

By Dr. K.V.Reddy

29 November, 2013

Telangana state formation is an historic resolve of both the people and
the political parties in the region that is inhabited by more than 4.5
crore people. Thanks to age-old struggles and sufferings that the
telangana people had undergone, their predicament seems to be reaching
its climax. With the present stage is set for completing the process of
state formation within a month or so, the people are in the cheerful
mood of celebrating their new year differently for the first time in the
history of Telangana. They have to do some introspection as to what
exactly has clinched the issue today. Of course, this they can do so if
they are bit passionate about their history, as its historic resolve in
the form of student/youth self-sacrifices which paved the way for
present state of affairs.

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