Kärnkraftsmotsåndare hindras besöka fars begravning

Här ser man, hur humant indisk myndigheter agerar – de skiter
också i vad högsta domstolen säger och bestämmer.Vilket vidrigt
pack! /Einar

Koodankulam Leader  Barred From Attending  His Father’s Funeral
 By Coalition For Nuclear Disarmament And Peace


Koodankulam anti-nuclear struggle leader M Pushparayan was prevented
from attending his father’s funeral, who passed away on 12 th December.
Pushparayan had not met his father from the beginning of the
anti-nuclear struggle about two years ago. Pushparayan’s father Mahiban
Victoria ( 85), passed away in Tuticorn about 80 kilometers from
Idinthankarai, where Pushparayan is staying and leading the struggle
against Koodankulam Nuclear Power plant. Pushparayan could not attend
his father’s last rites as he cannot move out of the Idinthakarai
village, fearing immediate arrest by the police. Over 200 police
personnel were deployed at the funeral of Mr. Pushparayan’s father in
Tuticorin to arrest him if he joins. This state ‘terrorism’ against the
leader of the peaceful Koodankulam anti-nuclear struggle was employed in
spite of the order by the Supreme Court of India to take back false
charges levelled against the people,. The Tamil Nadu police and
government have not complied with

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