Polisförhöret med vår vän är flyttat

URGENT NOTICE: The Investigating Officer to interrogate Dr. GN Saibaba has rescheduled.

The Investigating Officer to interrogate Dr. GN Saibaba, Mr. Suhas P. Bawache, has informed at 6:40 pm on the 6th of January (TODAY) that the interrogation has to be rescheduled. This last minute rescheduling and the insistence on interrogation over the coming weekend must now be seen as part of the effort to continue to put pressure on Dr. Saibaba and intensify the harassment of his family. In light of this, we urge everyone to stand in solidarity with Dr. Saibaba and continue the vigil. The rescheduled date to converge at his residence will be informed soon. Please spread this message widely.

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