Kolonialrulle: “22 June 1897”

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22 June 1897 (1979) Part 1 of 10


File:Nachiket Patwardhan.jpg
Film’s director and producer Nachiket Patwardhan

Due to a plague epidemic in Pune, the British Government deputes

C.W. Rand as Chairman of the Special Plague Committee,

empowering him to do whatever is necessary to control the menace.

Rand’s heavy handed measures deeply offend local sensibilities,

driving a group of angry youngsters to assassinate him and

Lt. Charles Ayerst- the first outbreak of revolutionary activities in British India.

This is for connoisseurs of good cinema

(the movie is in Marathi, with English subtitles).

P.S här hittar man alla klippen http://www.youtube.com/user/AshokSridharan/videos

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