Viktig artikel om det brokiga motståndet


Här är en mycket bra artikel (har aldrig hört namnet)
som tar upp viktiga frågor om all slags motstånd. Visste
du att Dalits har satt en armé på 5000 man som kämpar
för sina rättigheter?


Land Conflict And Injustice: Development In ‘New India’

By Graham Peebles

31 January, 2014

Hedonism is said to be the hallmark of a civilization in decline. Is it
fear or avarice that consumes the revellers, content to avert their gaze
as their countrymen, doused in poverty, burn on the party pyre.

There are many fires raging in India; the agrarian crisis is one of the
most shocking and destructive and sits at the heart of a range of
interconnected calamities. “Don’t detach this crisis from the overall
political, economic social direction of the country” advises P.
Sainathi. It is a crisis rooted in one fundamental cause – the
“predatory commercialization of the countryside,” a destructive
development model

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