Vilka är kvinnorna i naxalitrörelsen. Porträtt: Gorakala Ankamma

images (1)Gorakala Ankamma

Comrade Gorakala Ankamma was a woman activist from Rajam of Tekkali taluq, Srikakulam district She was born in the 50s in a poor peasant family. Even at an early age of eighteen, her every word and activity reflected her anger at landlords and moneybags. With her keen observation, she understood about the exploitation of the landlords and the usurers and had joined the ‘Tegimpu Sangam’ at a young age. She undertook all kinds of rigourous training in the sangam. She understood that she could get real freedom only by fighting for it. She was totally inspired by the clarion call of liberation struggle of the peasants.

She joined the armed squad under the leadership of Nirmala. Garudabhadra was a place where a human beast named Maddi Kamesh was ruling the roost. She became a member of the women squad which specifically went there to organize the people against the said villain. The landlord’s henchmen tried to resist the entry of the squad with goondaism. And in repelling them, Ankamma along with Nirmala played a key role. They could teach him the first lesson of his life. She also participated in the actions on Sara Appanna, on the land lord of Bathupuram and in the struggle against private bus owners.

She was part of all the brave actions of the Sangam. Comrade Ankamma was very conscious in exhibiting and directing her initiative and anger against class enemy. She was very active in the liberation struggle. Even when they were hounded by the police she never wavered or looked back. In the Rangametia incident Ankamma was killed by the police on December 22, 1969. Her life and death created a niche for her in the revolutionary struggle. Ankamma opened a fresh ground in revolutionary struggle. She was an exemplary comrade.

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