Även muslimkvinnor gör motstånd och försöker att lossa det patriarkala greppet

Hej läsare,

Två artiklar som visar hur de härskande klasser fortfarande
behandlar Dalits. Mass våldtäkt är gängse men folk börja göra
motstånd men även om de lyckas att få de gärnings men dömt så
lever de med ångest och hotelser. / Einar

Sexual Assault On Four Girls In Haryana In The Context Of Dalit Rights
To Common Land
A Status Report on Bhagana by AFDR, PUDR and WSS


The incidents in Bhagana are a perfect example of the impunity that the
powerful and dominant caste groups enjoy when they commit crimes on the
oppressed and marginalised sections of society. Their confidence that
they can get away with anything they do makes them repeat these crimes
again and again

Även muslim kvinnor gör motstånd och försöker att lossa det
patriarkaliska greppet

Striving For Gender Justice: Overcoming Obstacles
By Ram Puniyani


The recently released Nikahnama (Marriage Norms) by Bhartiya Muslim
Mahila Andolan (BMMA) is one such leap by Muslim women to overcome the
shackles of patriarchal grip on the Muslim women. Model Nikahnama
released by BMMA (June 23, 2014) is an important step in this direction,
in the direction of empowering Muslim women This tries to give the
solution to various problems faced by Muslim women. It outlines the
various steps for which the large section of Muslim women is longi


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