Protest mot dränkning av adivasibyar

Narmada Bachao ! Manav Bachao ! Chalo Narmada!

An Invite to Narmada Valley


  to support the truth and expose the myth..!

to stand up for rights and dignity …!


August 23 – 25, 2014


You must have heard about the decision taken by the Narendra Modi led NDA government to raise the height of the Sardar Sarovar Dam. While there are thousands of families in the 177 villages of Madhya Pradesh alone and hundreds of families in the adivasi villages of Maharashtra and Gujarat who are “affected at 122 meters-the present height of the Dam”, the Union and the state government can’t carry further construction at the dam ! This being the legal position and the mandate of ‘No submergence without full rehabilitation of any family’ as well as compliance on environmental conditions, the decision is illegal! It is in violation of the Narmada Tribunal Award and other judgements.


We are writing to you on behalf of Delhi Solidarity Group, a group to support people’s movements in the country, and invite you to join the rally to Narmada valley organised by the Narmada Bachao Andolan to meet the people, visit the villages and townships on the banks of Narmada and to assess the reality versus fake claims made by the authorities.


          The NDA Government is taking resort to certain decisions by official bodies, but with false claims like “all project-affected families are rehabilitated”, “back water levels have changed and hence there will be no additional submergence”, that the “17 meters high gates will be erected but kept open”… etc.  The decision is made without taking cognizance of the massive corruption in rehabilitation, and ongoing commission of enquiry led by Justice Jha, indicating no or incomplete rehabilitation of thousands of PAFs.


          The villages with pucca houses, shops, schools, temples, mosques…green fields with best of agriculture and horticulture, need to be visited and seen to be believe….and to say NO to Submergence without rehabilitation and hence to raising the Dam height further when no alternative land and livelihood is offered to thousands of farmers, fish-workers, potters, labourers.



          The undemocratic and illegal push to this project is to intimidate those who have struggled for last 29 years for their rights, exposing the falsehood, challenging destruction of rich forest and agrarian land, and exposing  corruption, illegalities and irregularities in every procedure to be followed. Adivasis without alternative land…fishworkers without right to fisheries (except in Maharashtra)…farmers cheated with fake registries…. Are facing this challenge, but only with your support. 


Supporters from across India are joining the rally on 23rd– 24th -25th of August. Day one will start with a tour of the affected villages in the plain area, followed by a rally on 24th and a visit to adivasi villages on 25th August by boat. Along the way, we will stay and meet with the adivasis, farmers, fisherfolks and others and see the ground reality and visit the resettlement and rehabilitation sites.


          We request you to reach Indore on August 23rd morning and be with us for three days and plan to return from Baroda on August 25th late night or best on August 26th morning.


The situation in valley is critical at the moment and Narmada Bachao Andolan is up against enormous challenge and your support will be most valuable. Do confirm by a letter, e-mail or phone at the earliest. Also, go through the attachments with this mail!


Reaching the Real India ! A Delhi Solidarity Group Initiative…


RRI is an initiative of DSG to expose youth to the struggles of the people on the margins, take them to less known areas, help them understand social and political processes and give a peak into unheard places and stories… Join us !



For any further details please contact:

Ishita – 8527325400

Shefali – 9582671784

Shweta – 9911528696



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