Så skamligt att man vill spy

Hej läsare,

Detta är så skamligt att man bara vill spy. Att det fortsätter än idag. But I doubt that just MODI will change it. / Einar

India: Caste Forced To Clean Human Waste

By Human Rights Watch


The Indian government should end “manual scavenging” – the cleaning of
human waste by communities considered low-caste – by ensuring that local
officials enforce the laws prohibiting this discriminatory practice,
Human Rights Watch said in a new report released today. The government
should implement existing legislation aimed to assist manual scavenging
community members find alternative, sustainable livelihoods. The 96-page
report, “Cleaning Human Waste: ‘Manual Scavenging,’ Caste, and
Discrimination in India,” documents the coercive nature of manual

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