Indien näst fattigaste landet efter Afghanistan

Hej, nu har den nya ‘Multidimensional Poverty Index’ (MPI) kommit ut.
Indien är det näst fattiga landet efter Afghanistan.Störst demokrati?
Superpower? Skrattretande. / Einar

The situation in India

Eradicating poverty in India requires every person having access to safe
drinking water, sanitation, housing, nutrition, health and education.
According to the MPI, out of its 1.2 billion-plus population, India  is
home to over 340 million destitute people  and is the second poorest
country in South Asia after war-torn Afghanistan. Some   640 million
poor people live in India (40% of the world’s poor) , mostly in rural
areas, meaning an individual is deprived in one-third or more of the ten
indicators mentioned above (malnutrition, child deaths, defecating in
the open).

In South Asia, Afghanistan has the highest level of destitution at 38%.
This is followed by India at 28.5%. Bangladesh and Pakistan have much
lower levels. The study placed Afghanistan as the poorest country in
South Asia, followed by India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.

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