Parlamentariker kräver våldtäkt på muslimska kvinnor


Allt är möjligt i Indien: att parlamentariker kräver våldtäkt på
muslimska kvinnor och att kristna pogromoffer väntar i sex år
på rättvisa. Vad säger de kristna i svenska medier? / Einar

Activist Files Complaint Against Yogi Adityanath
Press Release

Immediate Action including registration of FIR be directed against Hindu
Yuva Vahini, MP Yogi Adityanath for hate speech exhorting Muslim women
to be raped, Muslims to be deprived of voting rights and Mosques to be
converted to pig pens and suspension of officers of Uttar Pradesh police
at this rally at Sidhartnagar for not intervening and stopping this
rabid hate-speech in their presence

Kandhamal After 6 Years: Waiting For Justice And Peace!
By Ajay Kumar Singh

The anti-Christian violences that took lives a total of 39 persons,
including 2 police personnel and 3 rioters while the Human Rights groups
estimate to over 100 persons killed, including disabled and elderly
persons, children, men and women. The communal frenzy engulfed more than
600 villages at least 6500 houses were looted and burnt with 54000 were
made homeless; 315 churches and worship places razed and gutted in fire;
35 schools, philanthropic institutions including leprosy homes,
tuberculosis sanatoriums; and a dozen of non-profit organisations were
looted, damaged and burnt down. It was estimated that more than 10,000
children dropped out of schools due to displacement and security while
thousands were pushed to unhygienic relief camps for nearly three years

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