Protest imorgon mot 12:e juni massakern på daliter i Laxmipet

A Day Long Protest Demanding Justice for Dalits of Laxmipet at New Delhi  
On 12th June, at Laxmipet, Andhra Pradesh, the caste hindu villagers attacked the Dalit families, brutally murdered 5 Dalits, grievously injuring about 50 others and completely destroyed their properties.

About 200 Dalits survivors of Laxmipet massacre are in the National Capital to demand justice and to protest against the insensitivity of the local administration.

Please join their day long protest in large numbers at


Date: 6 September, Thursday

Time: 10 am onwards
Bojja Tarkam (Andhra Pradesh)
Rajni Tilak (New Delhi)
Brief Note on Laxmipet Dalit Massacre

Laxmipet is a small village in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh. About 80 families belonging to Scheduled caste and about 100 families belonging to Toorpu Kapu caste, though listed as OBC, but claims to be a forward caste, are rehabilitated in the village, after Madduvalasa Project.

The Kapus were paid compensation to their lands acquired and were also provided with 40 government jobs. The SCs being landless were content with only a small house site. Neither compensation nor government jobs were given to them.

After completion of the project, an extent of 250 acres of agricultural land remained surplus, which is not put to any use of the project. Since last 10-12 years, the SCs are cultivating an extent of 60 acres and the remaining 190 acres are cultivated by Kapus.

Since 3 years the Kapus are threatening the SCs to leave their land to them and warned them not to cultivate. Since the lands are acquired and compensation paid, the lands now belong to the government and no one has any claim over it.

The SCs refuse to yield to the pressures of Kapus and continued to cultivate the lands, in spite of couple of attacks on them. In fact about 10 months ago, in an attack on SCs by the Kapus, three women, including the sarpanch received severe injuries and one woman succumbed to them.

On 12th June 2012, the Kapus hatched a plan to beat and kill the SCs, swooped on the SC habitation at about 7 am, hurled bombs terrorizing them and attacked whoever is found in the street, broke open the doors, brutally killed 5 men using spears and caused grievous injuries with axes rendering 20 of them unfit for any hard labour. About 50 people received serious injuries. Rest ran for their life.

The Demands of the Scheduled Castes
  • The special court shall be established at Laxmipet Village and the trial to be completed within three months.
  • The 250 acres of agricultural land shall be assigned to the SCs of Laxmipet. A part of the said land can also be assigned to SCs and other poor of Kottisa, a neighbouring village.
The Present Situation

The accused, including the prime conspirator were arrested only after 20 days after the FIR and that too after an agitation. The SC, ST (POA) Act command that the charge sheet shall be filed within 30 days, however for even after 75 days the charge sheet is not filed. The special court has not yet been constituted.

The Government is thinking of transporting the SCs of Laxmipet and resettle them in totally different area, and assign land there. The government is in search of the land for purchase. The SCs of Laxmipet are not willing to move of their village.
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