You’re fighting! We are fighting!!

av Girijesh Tiwari den 26 maj 2012

You’re fighting! We are fighting!!
But our arms are different and our ways separate.
You shower bombs, we fire characters. Bullets you run, we run the pen.
You spread the fire of hatred, we blossom flowers of love to console and encourage the hurt heart.
You burn farm-barn, village-city, forest-field, school-hospital, temple-mosque-gurdwara – all of them,
We build houses.
You are cruel angel of the merciless god of death, we fly the eagle of revolution and the dove of peace.
You dare stand before the wheels of chariot of history to stop it;
We are adamant to speed up the wheels of chariot of history.
You have to kill to live, we are determined to die in the service of the desire to live.

  You are only handful and dependent in the hands of thousands-millions servants,
We are millions-billions, the brother, the people, the earth’s wealth.
You shed blood, we sweat.
We survive with own energy, you are bound to take our help to live.
You want to swallow the life from the earth to satisfy your lust of exploitation,
We are impatient to be involved in the task to create heaven on earth.
Finally take over on the heaven of our earth will not be of you – the lords, but of all of us, the people.
Due to your cruel actions silent tears drop down from innocent eyes,
We make those tears hot cinders to burn your conspiracies.
The entire legacy of humanity is our property, is your chest ready to face the fatal assault of this thunderbolt?
You go on humiliating and blaming all of us one by one in your arrogance,
With our humility we raise high the self-respecting heads of our respected personalities.

  You order to handle ships, tanks, artillery, machine guns, rockets, torpedoes and so many cars,
We handle broom, axe, mattock, spade, hoe, plough, khurpee, chisel, hammer, bicycle, bus, jeep, tractor, truck and tanker.
The only difference between you and us is simply that you order to handle and we handle.
To avoid hitting recession your motto is to go on destroying super production,
In the service of life our aim is to go on working for the sake of production, more production, more and more and more production.

  You’re intent on making our life poison, but we are the sons of immortality!
Rapacious animal of money you are, absolutely savage man-eater;
Since your very incarnation every time everywhere you only attacked,
And we’ve just raised protest, resistance, revenge and reprisal.
Defeated you all the time everywhere in every corner of the earth – have forced you to lick dust.
Every page of history sings the songs of our glorious victory and laments on your cruel, devious, sickening, destructive acts.
From Korea to Vietnam, from Hunan to Stalingrad, from the edge of Volga to the banks of the Ganges;
From fort Washington to Pune jail, from Afghanistan to Iran, from Cuba to Nepal, from France to Gaza;
From Egypt to Libya, from occupy movement to Anna movement –
We remember very well and you also must not have forgotten that in every confrontation we are victor and only you are defeated.

  Stormy is our path, our path is shining, but you too are forced by your destiny to fight until destruction.
Degenerated enemies of giant human! Fight, Fight, Fight! You’re fighting! We are fighting!!
We fight to win and you to get ruined.
In Kurukshetra of Third World war eighteen Akshauhini of both poles of the labor and capital
Armed cap-a-pie standing face to face with commitment to be martyrs.
The white flag of injustice – of Duryodhana is on one side, beneath it are shouting old Bheeshma and Drona.
On the other hand Mahaveeree flag red, and under red flag challenging disarmed charioteer Krishna;
Stands behind him archer Arjun eager to drink either the cup of victory or martyrdom with refillable quiver of sharp arrows.
Crusade had happened and is happening still, but now the last battle of class-struggle.

  First time in history your Shikhandee and Shakuni have started receiving slippers in wholesale. Now your destruction will destroy the war business of human blood-drinking.
In the east seems to rise the little red ball now
And are trembling the terrorized dark black demons of terror who wrap the earth in terror.

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