Varför är sekularismen viktig?

Varför är sekularism viktig? Här visas att sekularismen aldrig riktigt fanns i Indien och den förverkligades inte efter självständigheten. En viktig fråga! / Einar

The Secular Stake: A Burden, Or A Democratic Imperative?
By Sanjay Kumar

Should India remain, or rather become secular, only for minorities’ sake? Then, why should the majority be interested in secularism? Only because of their ‘good neighbourly’ sense, or to avoid civil strife of
communal clashes? The tragedy and the farce of Indian secularism is precisely this, that ever since its initial conception and practice during the freedom movement, it has remained hostage to a
majority-minority framework, and it has implicitly answered all the above questions in the affirmative. Nothing can be farther away from the real significance of secularism for a modern democracy. There have been
many non-democratic secular regimes. Secularism though is a democratic imperative. What everybody, including minority citizens, lose in the absence of secularism are distinct democratic freedoms which only
secularism can assure …

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