“Indias daughter”, krav på censurering av ny film

Håll ögonen öppna för den här dokumentären – några ‘concerned persons’ (vi vet vem sådana är)vill inte att den skall visas eller åtminstone censureras. Kvinnoorganisationer protesterar. / Einar

“India’s Daughter” : A Ban Is Not The Solution
By National Federation Of Indian Women


National Federation Of Indian Women (NFIW) strongly opposes the banning of the documentary India’s Daughter. The ‘objectionable’ portions of the documentary not only expose the mentality of the rapist, they are also a reflection of the mentality and attitude of the Indian patriarchal society towards women

“India’s Daughter”: Blanket Ban An Attack On The Freedom Of Expression
By All India Democratic Women’s Association


All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) strongly opposes the
blanket ban on the documentary titled “India’s Daughter” made by BBC 4.
This is a knee jerk reaction that constitutes an attack on the freedom
of expression

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