Grymheten och Marx

Om grymhet och nedrighet mot människor som officiellt inte längre finns. Ett förtryck som tyvärr lever i Indien. Han frågar om Ambedkars 200-årsdag och vill sluta fira den.

Ambedkar And The Annihilation Of Caste
By Sukumaran C. V.
The cruelty and meanness towards the humans by the humans was abolished, but in India the oppression and discrimination in the name of caste still continue and when will we the Indians be free from the oppressive and denigrating caste system which applies cow-dung water to ‘purify’ the official seat of an educated human being on account of his ‘lower’ caste origin? Will Ambedkar’s 200th birth anniversary see an India in which caste is annihilated totally?

Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava skriver om viktiga anmärkningar som Karl Marx gjorde om Indien fast han aldrig generellt skrev mycket om landet.

Karl Marx And Exploitation Of India By Great Britain: First Hand Analysis
By Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava
Though Karl Marx had not written extensively on India and Asia but he still made some valuable insights to the detoriation and exploitation of India by the imperial power Great Britain


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