Solidaritet med Kancha Ilaiah

Freedom Of Expression: A Victory In IIT-Madras, Now Stand In Solidarity With Kancha Ilaiah
By K.P. Sasi

Now it is time to work on the human rights violation and violation of freedom of expression of Kancha Ilaiah. Prof. Kancha Ilaiah is certainly one of the most prominent Dalit intellectuals in India today. The harassment on Kancha Ilaiah indicates another important signal. The message is loud and clear: `If we can do this to Kancha Iliah, then we can do it to any ordinary Dalit, Adivasi or Muslim.’ It is high time that the same collective energy all over India which was expreessed in the case of Ambedkar-Periyar study circle, IITM, is exhibited on the issue of police cases on Kancha Iliah

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