Boksläpp: Mission Saranda – A War for Natural Resources in India

Någon som minns Gladson Dungdung som vi har skrivit om tidigare? Nu har han skrivit en bok som uppenbarligen har uppmärksammats mycket i Indien (Felix Padel -!!! – presenterar boken!). Kanske kunde man skulle skaffa den och göra några seminarier eller dylikt.  / Einar

Book Launch of  Mission Saranda
A War for Natural Resources in India
By Gladson Dungdung

2.30-5pm at Committee Romm (212), School of Languages, JNU

Joining the author are:
Chair: Prof. Felix Padel (NEISP, JNU)
Speakers: Dr. Nandini Sunder (Delhi School of Economics),
Dr. Ganga Sahay Meena (Asst Professor, JNU)
Mr. Suhas Chakma (Director, ACHR)
Dilip Mandal (Senior Journalist)

All are welcome to celebrate the release of this ground-breaking work ​​Shree Bulu Imam writes – Anybody reading this book will be deeply pained by the mis-representation of facts claimed about development in forest areas like Saranda, and the scale of pain inflicted on the tribals living in these forests in the name of development. Everybody interested in development in Adivasi forest areas must read this book with its authoritative command of facts and edited with great eye to detail.The book is an indictment of the welfare state.It will become a classic document of Saranda after Jharkhand was formed in 2000, and more particularly since 2009 till date.The author is to be thanked and congratulated on brilliant presentation of argument through documentation evidence. I see in him a
glint of the brilliance of Ambedkar.

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