A Green Blood Women’s Revolution In Munnar

En underbar historia om hur kvinnorna tar kampen i egna händer och jagar bort de korrumperade män fran fackföreningar. Men motstanderen är TATA, det största (?) företaget i Indien. Så kampen blir säkerlingen mycket svår. /Einar

A Green Blood Women’s Revolution In Munnar
By Binu Mathew


On 2nd September, 2015, these tears turned into a flood of anger and that shook the very foundation of political structure of Kerala state, India. In Kerala, which boasts that it elected through the ballot, for the first time in the world, a communist party government to power, where everything from birth to death are unionized, emerges a workers’ movement, that too led by thousands of women, literally driving away trade union leaders, as they term it, “A Green Blood Revolution”. What is happening? Why this unique political movement?

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