Dalits fights back

Det skulle vi eftersträva. Boykott av lögnaktiga medier. / Einar

Dalit Consumer, With A Purchasing Power, Has Arrived
By Ravikiran Shinde


Peaceful Dalit protesters had forced largest circulated Marathi newspaper Lokmat to issue ‘clarification’ for its highly prejudiced and offensive editorial of 31st August against caste based-quota. The paper had to backtrack it’s stand, after decision of Dalits to boycott the newspaper.The Dalits had demonstrated their buying power while democratically protesting malicious article as part of a smear campaign

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One thought on “Dalits fights back

  1. samir sardana

    Dalits need to know the filth in the DNA of the Kshatriyas. Unless these vermin are eradicated,there will no rights for the Dalits,dindooohindoo


    The Hindoo Bindoo claim that Jats are born from the “Jata of Shankar”

    Jats are proven to be of “Central Asian/Scythian Origin”, and were “basically pirates,bandits and mercenaries”.

    Their only claim to fame is the “sacking of the TajMahal”, which they looted and pillaged, and made their own Jai Mahal, and their “digging up and defiling” of the “grave and bones”, of Akbar (by dragging the bones out)


    “The word “Rajput” is used in certain parts of Rajasthan to denote the illegitimate sons of a Kshatriya chief or Jagirdar.” [Mahajan Vidya Dhar,”Ancient India”, Fifth Edition, Reprint 1972, Chand and Co., New Delhi. p. 550 ff.])

    This explains Rajput history – QED !


    A race pillaged the Dindoo Brahmins and Dogra rat Rajputs, who had their Gurus killed due to Dindoo Hindoos and whose Golden Temple was under the Control of Brahmins with Hindoo Idols in it (till around early 1900s).Their Constantine – Ranjit achieved his victory only due to the American and French Generals – running his artillery and cavalry !

    After the death of Ranjit Singh his wife and sons were killed by the Dogra Rats


    As per the Gita, Lord Krishna considered Yadav’s to be “a curse on the planet and tried to exterminate all the Yadavs”

    When Krsna had killed the demons, and thus relieved the burden of the earth, he thought, ‘The earth is stilloverburdened by the unbearably burdensome race of the Yadus. No one else can overcome them, since theyare under my protection.’ … Deluded by Krsna’s power of delusion, and cursed by the Brahmins, they were all destroyed, and when his entire family had been destroyed, Krsna said, ‘The burden has been removed.’ ” — Srimad Bhagavatam 10:90:27-44; 11:1:1-4; 11:30:1-25

    As per the Mahabharata, after Krishna was killed, “his wives were raped and molested by Robbers”, and the “offspring so born”, were called Yadavs

    Mahabharata, Book 16: Mausala Parva: Section 7

    The concourse was very large. The robbers assailed it at different points. Arjuna tried his best to protect it, “but could not succeed”. In the very sight of all the warriors, many “foremost of ladies were dragged away, while others went away with the robbers of their own accord” .

    Those Mlecchas, however, O Janamejaya, in the very sight of Partha, retreated,”taking away” with them, many “foremost ladies” of the Vrishnis and Andhakas

    This explains Yadav history – QED !

    Konkani Goan Limpets

    Enslaved as rats to the Kadambas,Tughlaq,Khilji,Abyssinians, Portugese for 1700 hours ! Sample the Goan Pandoo Chor Matka Police ! A pepper spray used by an Israeli was enough to con these limpet impotent pandoo clowns !



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