Ta en selfie mot Unilever

Dear Einar ,

I’m Sofia Ashraf. I wrote and performed the viral music video “Kodaikanal Won’t”
that received over 3 million views. I did it to highlight a fight that has
been going on for over 14 years.

Hindustan Unilever dumped toxic mercury in the lovely hill station of Kodaikanal,
and exposed their ex-workers to its devastating effects. People and the
environment in Kodaikanal are still impacted.

Unilever sat up and took notice when my music video went viral, but we have yet
to see any real action from them on this. That’s why I’m sending Unilever Global CEO
Paul Polman a clear message — I’m tweeting my photo at him to tell him I
#WontBuyUnilever until they make amends. Can you join me in doing the same?

Doing this is really easy . Take a piece of paper, write “#WontBuyUnilever” on
it and take a selfie with while holding it up.  Then log on to www.twitter.com
, attach your selfie and paste this tweet:
“.@PaulPolman I #WontBuyUnilever till exworkers are honourably compensated &
Kodaikanal is cleaned up via @jhatkaa”

If you don’t use Twitter, please send us your selfie to info@jhatkaa.org as an
attachment. You can also just hit reply to this email. We’ll Tweet it out from
the official @Jhatkaa Twitter account so don’t forget to tell us your name and

Einar, Hindustan Unilever, a subsidiary of Unilever, spent 14
years ignoring their ex-workers and denying that it had done anything wrong. It
was only last month, when my viral music video hit the world headlines, that
CEO Paul Polman promised quick resolution. But now, with the media attention
fading away, the company is much less responsive.

Meanwhile, at least 45 ex-workers have died prematurely, and many others are
suffering from serious illnesses. Children are being born with severe disability
and sickness. The groundwater and forests in the area around the ex-factory
are contaminated with mercury.

Hindustan Unilever cannot be allowed to get away with this. We now know what
makes them pay attention: international pressure. So let’s
give them that. Let’s tweet at global CEO Paul Polman with our pictures,
holding up signs saying #WontBuyUnilever. Join now!

Either Tweet your selfie directly at @PaulPolman with #WontBuyUnilever, OR,
respond to this email with your selfie, name, and city.

Let’s do this!

Thank you,
Sofia Ashraf with the Jhatkaa.org team

PS. We’re sorry if you faced difficulties while singing our #WontBuyUnilever
pledge with a non-Indian post code. There was a glitch in our system which we’ve
fixed. Click here to pledge: https://jhatkaa.org/wontbuyunilever/

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