De exporterar hellre köttet och låter folket dö av hunger

Lagen som förbjuder ätandet av nötkött är riktad mot 80 % av det fattiga folket som äter nötkött om de får tillfälle. De exporterar hellre köttet och låter folket dö av hunger. /Einar

India’s Beef Ban Turns Bloody, Consumes A Man’s Life

A fifty year old Muslim man was beaten to death, and critically injured his 22 year old son by a mob of about 100 people alleging that the family ate beef in the house, in a bizarre incident near the capital city of India, New Delhi. The Indian Express reported that the incident took place on Monday night at around 10 PM in Dadri village, North Western Uttar, around 45 km from New Delhi

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