A Victory Of Struggle By The Urban Poor!

Ibland händer det – men istället för at förstöra skulle folk kunna  bo där eller hur? /Einar

High Court Order On Adarsh: A Victory Of Struggle By The Urban Poor!
By Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan | National Alliance of People’s Movements


National Alliance of People’s Movements welcomes the Bombay High Court’s order to demolish the building of Adarsh Society in Mumbai. The illegal construction and flats allotted to the corrupt officials in the Indian Navy and politicians through their relatives is a symbol of vulgar corruption in the housing sector that has eroded the administration in the government of Maharashtra and elsewhere. The order is a vindication of our position against scandalous housing policies and projects whether it is Adarsh or Hiranandani and the victory of people’s struggle over last ten years and more

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