Kontantlöst Indien hot mot de fattiga

Det blir värre och värre i Indien. Läs här redaktören för Countercurrents brev om hans besök hos sin syster. Hela industrin och handel i Indien går åt helvete. Vad tror den dumskallen Modi egentligen? /Einar

Dear Friend,

I’ve been to my village for the past two days. My widowed sister’s family who sold 10 Kg of raw cocoa beans worth Rs 300 can not get the money in cash! The small time trader who bought the beans said he’ll transfer the paltry sum to her bank account. They don’t know when it will be transferred. Even if it’s transferred they’ll have to travel to a town and stand in queue for a day to withdraw the money. Another day’s work lost in the farm! In fact, they urgently need the money for hospital expenses. I lend her some money for her urgent needs. This is the story of much of rural India. Business has come to a stand still. We don’t know how deep it will sink. We don’t know when it will pick up. Dark days ahead for India, especially its rural population, which is about 70 % of India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had told the nation that the reason for this drastic demonetisation is to fight black money and terrorism. Two days ago in his address to the nation on Radio, he said that ‘from less cash to cashless India’. So the cat is out of the bag! The motive is to make India a cashless economy! That too in a country where large section of the society is hardly literate or illiterate. Where only 2 % of population own ‘plastic money’ or smart phones! Note the irony, PM addresses a nation through Radio to reach those who can’t afford to buy even a Televison, to go cashless! Irony dies a thousand deaths.

After the BJP regime took over whoever opposes the regimes policies are branded anti-nationals! C.R Sridhar writes that now with demonetisation those who possess cash too can be branded as anti-nationals or terrorist sympathisers.

Water protectors at Standing Rock faces imminent threat of eviction. North Dakota Gov. Dalrymple late Monday issued an immediate order for the removal of thousands of water protectors camped at #OcetiSakowin. Time to Stand Up With Standing Rock!

The Arctic Resilience Report warns that Arctic is at a tipping point. Jon Queally warns that “what is happening in the Arctic will not stay in the Arctic.” The report says “Temperatures nearly 20°C above the seasonal average are being registered over the Arctic Ocean”.

A study published by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, reports “The Great Barrier Reef suffered through the worst coral die-off in recorded history this year, scientists found, with unusually warm ocean water and record-setting bleaching eventskilling a stunning 90 percent of all coral in the worst-hit area.”

/In Solidarity

Binu Mathew

Demonetisation Shock Therapy: State Sponsored Financial Repression
by C R Sridhar


The demonetization of the currency has also a shock and awe element to it: the shock of losing real money and the awe of being herded in digital pen. Cash carries a bad odour. Are you using cash because you are engaged in drug trafficking or are you a terrorist wanting to buy arms and explosives? Should you be flagged for suspicious activities for questioning by the national security state?

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