Delstatsminster påstår att omtalad gruppvåldtäkt är en “politisk konspiration”

Kvinnoförakt och sexuellt våld mot kvinnor är som bekant ett riktigt stort problem i Indien. En delstatsminsters påstående om att en gruppvåldtäkt troligen är påhittad som en del av en “politisk konspiration” har väckt mycket ilska.

Trying Misogyny Welcome, But How About Curbing All Crimes Against Women?
by Samar

It is fourth anniversary of 16 December 2012, the brutal gang rape and murder of a student in Delhi that shook the conscience of the nation and led to unprecedented protests against sexual violence across India. Crime against women has been common in India, as has been the support for such crime in the form of misogynist statements by those holding seats of power. The grammar of shame in cases of sexual violence has always been inscribed on the bodies of victims, avoiding most perpetrators. It is in this context that the Supreme Court of India taking on Azam Khan, a powerful minister of Uttar Pradesh government, and making him unconditionally apologize for a brazenly misogynist statement against gang rape victims, is a welcome step.

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